Monday, December 12, 2016

Fragmented Musings: Inspired and uninspired to write?

How can one feel so inspired and yet uninspired at the same time? I'm sorry for not saying goodbye even though it already feels like I'm about to say it. The truth is that I have not lost the need to read. I still browse reviews every now and then. My only problem is this: I cannot seem to write reviews these past two months. This is the reason why it has been silent these past two months. It's good to have a little break. I'm back on the game. :)

What's up with Precious: Just a little update guys. I just turned 25 last November. I'm now officially a quarter of a century! (To be honest, I sort of felt a little sad towards my birthday. I felt like time was passing too fast and I wanted to take a hold of the reins and stop it, slow it down a little but. But you and me know that it's not possible.) Work is good. I'm still in the same company, dealing exports and imports for Central America. The difference is that I'm taking a lot more tasks now. Here's another factor: I've been writing - working on two WIPs/novels in progress. All my energy and inspiration shifted to this type of work.

Also? My phone broke. So my primary means of connecting to social media sites and the blog, is gone forever. I will be replacing this week or next week!

Then there were times when I would have the laptop opened, a new post page opened. The screen is infinitely white and black, just waiting for me to fill them. My fingers would be poised over the keyboard. When I'm lucky, I would start typing a few words and even make it to a paragraph. But on most days, I felt like I didn't have anything good to give you guys, or this blog. I felt empty, which is weird because I normally have a lot of things to say. Back then, my reviews would be 10-paragraph long and I would spend an hour cutting it down to five so it doesn't become too wordy. I mean, where have the words gone? Have they left me, entirely? That's a chilling thought for me - that I couldn't write anymore. Reviews should be easier to write than a fiction story. You are basing everything on fact, your opinion. But then, how did it become so difficult to finish a review draft? I browsed the review drafts that I have on the blog. I have around 50, some dating back to 2011. So I closed this laptop. I closed it and walked away.

And then, one day, after sleeping for 12 hours straight, I woke up. I left the house and sat around greenery and towering trees over me. It was my university, where I took my bachelor's degree and where I would be taking my masters a few months from now. It was where I started blogging. I would spend hours propped against a tree, scribbling down notes for a dozen reviews. I realized that I didn't want to stop. I have been doing this - blogging - for six years. And I wouldn't stop so easily. Blogging is a part of me now. How could I continue to be me, while leaving a part of myself floating in the universe?

So I went home and wrote this.

What happens now? I will be posting some reviews until the year ends and I will also participate in year-end blog activities. Giveaway for Christmas, anyone? Expect that in a week or so. Also, I will be more active on Twitter, now. If you're interested, here's my account: @precious_shusky

Plans for 2017? Okay, plans. I'm more of a planning kind of girl. Here are some things coming this 2017: More interviews with authors from specific genres that I'm currently interested in. Celebrating Debutantes 2017 - just one big wave for you guys - so expect this around mid 2017. Features on book-related merch and items that I spot in malls and online shopping platforms. A steady flow of reviews (I have accumulated a lot of books during my hiatus. I have not read the majority of this TBR pile and more are coming as we speak.)

Here's a little something to inspire you:

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