Monday, January 24, 2011

YA in the Big Screen: Red Riding Hood

I actually didn’t know that Red Riding Hood was going to be a movie. I was unaware! But then…after mentioning the book to my friend, Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries linked me to this awesome trailer.

Now, after watching that how could I not want to get a hold of a copy of Red Riding Hood?

Some of the things I liked in the trailer:

1.Upon clicking play, I could really sense this paranormal romance vibe in it.
2. I like how they really made it a point to have the perfect ‘Red Hood.’ Look at the color. It stands out amidst the snow and stuff.
3.Romance element. These are just snippets of the movie and yet these little scenes manage to get a hold of my heart and make me want to see more.
4. The wolf. I always read or watch werewolf novels and movies to see their interpretation of the ‘transformation.’ I hope I will like the transformation in this one.

Here's the description via Goodreads:
The body of a young girl is discovered in a field of wheat. Her flesh mutilated by telltale claw marks. The Wolf has broken the peace.

When Valerie learns that her sister has been killed by the legendary creature, she finds herself at the center of a dark mystery, one that has plagued her village for generations. It is revealed that the werewolf lives among them, and everyone in the village immediately becomes a suspect. Could her secret love Peter be behind the attacks on her town? Is it her betrothed, Henry? Or someone even closer to her?

As the men in the village hunt for the beast, Valerie turns to her grandmother for help. She gives Valerie a handmade red riding cloak, and guides her through the web of lies and deception that has held her town together for so long. Will Valerie discover the werewolf's identity before the town is ripped apart?

This is a dangerous new vision of a classic fairy tale, the happy ending could be hard to find.
  Do you like it too? Why or why not?


  1. I absolutely cannot wait for this movie! I got a finished copy of the book and I plan to read it, maybe after the movie's released! I do think its a really nice retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood story!

  2. I'm really intrigued by this book/movie. The book just came out this week, but the trailer has been around for a while -- so which came first? The book or the movie? The chicken or the egg? lol. It does seem like a really different take on the Red Riding Hood legend -- I'm intrigued!

  3. Well you already know what I think of this :) Love it! I'm really excited for the movie's release. I'm not sure if I'm going to try and read the book BEFORE seeing the movie or after. Either way, I have a feeling the movie might live up to my expectations. Looks so awesome! The tone I get from watching the trailer... I just love the overall feel of it.

  4. I've actually seen the trailer when I watched HP7 and I instantly liked it! I'm super excited for this. I totally agree with you about the romance element. Another reason is Amanda herself, I love her since her Mean Girls days :)

  5. I can't wait for this movie! It looks very aesthetically pleasing. I love the way the red hood looks against the snow. The little bits of romance we're shown really grabbed me too. I'm with you on the werewolf transformation. I'm curious to see how they do it. I hope it doesn't look goofy.