Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dystopian Domination 3 starts this week!

Hi everyone! So by now, I guess you’ve noticed that it has been quiet at Fragments of Life. Why? Because real life keeps me busy. Since the registration period at my university is scheduled, I only have…3 days to beg for subjects and to finish the entire thing while a gazillion other students are doing the same thing.

But I have good news for you. Are you familiar with…Dystopian Domination?


Dystopian Domination 3 is going to kick-off this week. Yep, you heard it right.

Last year and earlier this year, Kai and I started Dystopian Domination and Dystopian Domination 2. However this time around, I’m gearing up for Dystopian Domination 3 alone. I’m on my lonesome. Instead of being the typical blog event (one post everyday), I will make it a weekly thing so more authors can participate.

Dystopic Details:

What: Dystopian Domination 3 is a blog event that will be hosted by Precious of Fragments of Life that will run from June 8-September 28, 2012 (may change depending on the number of authors included) featuring YA and MG dystopian, post-apocalyptic and science fiction novels through character interviews, guest posts, reviews and giveaways.

When: Every Friday starting this week. June-September November 2012.

Where: Here at Fragments of Life –

Who: The authors involved in the domination (along with the books/swag you can win) are:

Attention: If you’re an author of a YA/MG dystopian, post-apocalyptic or science fiction novel and you want to be a part of Dystopian Domination 3, shoot me an email – precious_shusky at yahoo dot com. I still need 2-3 authors! If you're interested, just email me and I will include you to the list.

Claire Merle (The Glimpse)
Elana Johnson (Surrender)
Marianne de Pierres (Angel Arias)
Morgan Rice (Arena One)
Sangu Mandanna (The Lost Girl)
Sarah Crossan (Breathe)
Phillip Simpson (Rapture)
Melissa West (Gravity)
Elizabeth Richards (Black City)
Gennifer Albin (Crewel)

Of course, the banner. Big thanks to Kai from Amaterasu Reads (the goddess) for helping me with this awesome button:

Wanna help me get the word out? AND get an extra entry for this week’s giveaway (Claire Merle’s The Glimpse – signed and all)? Oh, and it’s open internationally.

Tweet this: Get your dystopia fix at Fragments of Life every Friday! Features + giveaways.  #DystopianDomination3

Want an extra entry for all the giveaways? Grab the button, place it on your sidebar and link back to this page!


  1. Yay, another round of Dystopian Domination! How awesome!

  2. Wow, just heard of this! I'm in, can't wait to see what you have in store :)

  3. Wow, you've got some wonderful authors and books lined up! I can't wait!

  4. Yay! This is a fun event! Tweeted.

  5. This is awesome. We will post the button on our blog.
    Koice and I are fan of Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic stories. We can't wait to see another post from "Dystopian Domination III"


  6. I'm so excited for this! Thanks for making round 3.