Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: September Girls + Catherine

Good morning lovelies! Today, I have two oh-my-god-I-need-to-read-these-asap books for Waiting on Wednesday.

First up is water-related. Paranormal. Scales. Tails. Mermaids!

September Girls by Bennett Madison
Publication Date: May 2013
Publisher: Harper Collins

There’s no blurb yet but the author revealed this juicy tidbit on his site:

The book is about mermaids who are also regular maids; who can only wear flats because heels make their feet bleed; who smoke Gauloises but can never quite pronounce them and who are really into Valerie Solanas. The book features annoying moms with Sharon Olds quotes tattooed across their bodies and sad dads who wander up and down the beach with metal detectors searching for buried treasure. There’s karaoke and a hurricane. An enchanted mirror seems important. Perhaps someone dies. Or perhaps not?! It’s about being a teenager at the beach and in that respect is semi-autobiographical. The most important thing is that it’s a love story. It might be a semi-spoiler to reveal the mermaid thing but who cares.

Why I Chose this:

Mermaids! <3 I’ve been deprived of my mermaid dose when I couldn’t find a copy of a certain recent-ish mermaid release from Sourcebooks. And ze cover! Look at that and tell me it’s not beautiful and hot and perfect!

Second is all about retellings. Romance. Wuthering Heights!

Catherine by April Lindner
Publication Date: January 2, 2013
Published by: Poppy

A forbidden romance. A modern mystery. Wuthering Heights as you've never seen it before.

Catherine is tired of struggling musicians befriending her just so they can get a gig at her Dad's famous Manhattan club, The Underground. Then she meets mysterious Hence, an unbelievably passionate and talented musician on the brink of success. As their relationship grows, both are swept away in a fiery romance. But when their love is tested by a cruel whim of fate, will pride keep them apart?

Chelsea has always believed that her mom died of a sudden illness, until she finds a letter her dad has kept from her for years -- a letter from her mom, Catherine, who didn't die: She disappeared. Driven by unanswered questions, Chelsea sets out to look for her -- starting with the return address on the letter: The Underground.

Told in two voices, twenty years apart, Catherine interweaves a timeless forbidden romance with a compelling modern mystery.

Why I Chose This:

The author’s first YA book, Jane, blew me away. It was deliciously well-written. It’s probably one of the first YA contemporaries and YA retellings that I loved. April Lindner’s writing is made of awesome. So you better not miss this! Especially if you liked Wuthering Heights (though I haven’t read it yet.)

What are you looking forward to this Wednesday? Leave your links so I can visit yours too!


  1. Both of these books sounds very intriguing. I'll check it out later. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Here my WoW

  2. Mermaids who can wear flats but not heels or their feet will bleed? hell yeah! im in.

    great post Precious.

  3. September Girls looks amazing!!! Totally want to read this one :)

  4. Great picks! Especially Catherine; I gave up reading Wuthering Heights, so I hope this will make me want to pick it up again.

  5. Ooh..nice choices! I have Jane, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I love how the author is establishing her brand by writing books with a girl's name as the title and the girl is front and center on the cover. Jane also dealt with the guy being a musician. Do we see a trend here?! Is the author's boyfriend or husband a musical kind of guy? Lol...

  6. Catherine sounds fantastic, I need to give that one a read!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  7. I love the cover of Septemeber Girls and I can't wait for Catherine too.


  8. Haven't heard of these but hope you get to read them soon.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  9. I think I'm really excited for September Girls! Especially when it's about mermaids :P THE COVER IS SO GORGEOUS. I love underwater covers!

    Awesome WoW pick, Precious ♥

  10. Ah, both books looks awesome :D Great covers too ;) Hope you'll enjoy them both when they come out :D
    Thank you for commenting on my WoW. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books