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Character Interview: Jason Evans + Giveaway: Keeper of the Black Stones by P.T. McHugh

Hi guys! I'm posting late for the end of February Time Travel posts. Sorry! Just finalized and submitted my thesis end of Feb so it was hectic. Anyway, moving on, today...I've got a character interview and giveaway for you! To be honest, I'm not sure if you've heard of this book - I haven't seen this posted in any Waiting on Wednesday post, which is one of the reasons why I like to post about this. I'm introducing a new time travel release:

Paperback, 369 pages
February 26, 2013, Glass House Press

Awkward in his own skin, shy around girls and worried about anything and everything, Jason Evans is just like a million other teenage boys in high school, with one very large exception: he has been given a gift that allows him to jump through time. A set of stones has fallen into his lap that gives him access to any place - and any time - that he chooses. But along with that gift comes the responsibility of stopping the man who is using those very stones to travel through time and change history for his own purposes. A man who is now holding Jason's grandfather hostage, and threatening the world's very existence. Jumping through time with his best friend and body guard, Jason must enter the world of Medieval England, learn its customs, navigate unimaginable danger, and help Henry VII win the Battle of Bosworth, in the name of finding his grandfather, rescuing a beautiful girl from the clutches of a corrupt church, and destroying the one man who pledges to turn history inside out.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I'm just your typical 14-year-old boy. I love watching sports and hanging out with my best friend Paul. School's okay, but sometimes it can be a drag. I'd have to say my life is just like any other kid’s ... until recently.

What do you think about time travel, in general?

If you asked me that question a few weeks ago, I would have told you that the concept was ridiculous. But now ... let’s just say that it's real, and very, very dangerous.

If you could choose (and apparently you can) to go three eras just for fun (no history alteration involved), which three eras would you go back to?

Wow, how about early 1800's – Napoleon's reign. So many things happened during those years in Europe, and shaped the world as we know it today. The second era would be the early 1920's, before the depression in the US. The economy was booming, and from what I've heard, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Third era would be the start of the renaissance, just after Henry VII took over. Now on the last era, let’s make it clear that I wouldn't want to stay there for very long. I love indoor plumbing, good hygiene, and cold drinks.

Would you alter history for a loved one or not? Why?

Wow, that’s a great question. Reminds me of when Superman spun the world backward after Louis Lane died so he could alter the past and save her. I'd have to say no ... I realize now how the correction of one mistake can create a million more. Now with that being said, there are times when I've thought about it. If I could go back and save my parents I would probably be tempted, but it would change everything, and who knows how that would turn out? Besides, I’m not sure the stones could take me to a time where another version of me already existed. Seems like it might be … a problem.

Giveaway: 5 E-copies of Keeper of the Black Stones

Thanks to P.T. and Glass House Press, five of the readers of Oops! I Read a Book Again and Fragments of Life can win copies of this new release. You know what to do!

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