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Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway: Uninvited by Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers

Book Description:

Uninvited by Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers
Series: South Hills Sidekicks #1
Publication date: February 11th 2012
Genre: Humorous YA Chick-Lit


When Alley started her senior year at Upper East High in the South Hills area, it was supposed to be the usual drag of hanging out with people who spent more on one outfit than Alley did on her entire wardrobe. That was until Kirsten, a girl in their clique, suddenly goes missing and the only people who seem to care are her friends. All evidence leads to the new comer Shane, a cocky and self-pretentious person in Alley’s opinion, but the police seem uninterested so she and the rest of the girls start a little investigation of their own. But they are nowhere closer to finding Kirsten than when they started and now they had the police’s attention; just not in the way they expected. The girls have to start over and discover that maybe it wasn’t an outsider who took Kirsten, but someone within their own clique who has something to hide; a secret that just might have gotten Kirsten killed.

Source: Xpresso Book Tours, Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers (Thank you!)

My Thoughts:

Uninvited started out like any other typical high school-based story: with a group of 'friends.' The cliques were drawn out, especially the popular ones. Since our main character revolved in one of the popular cliques, I got to read about her daily-life commentaries.

Alley is an ordinary girl with a not so ordinary best friend. She was witty, smart and protective of her friends. She was easy to relate to. Though I didn't love her as a character, I definitely liked her. But what I liked most about her was her voice: witty and sarcastic at times, yet always thoughtful. It went well with her being observant, which came into play while she and her friends investigated and looked for Kirsten.

Val was Alley's bestfriend. Super tall, clumsy at maybe a little bit slow, Val never failed to bring humour along with her when she enters a room. Val was the real reason that Alley was part of their clique. Although she may be slow, she made up for it with her protectiveness. She would defend Alley whenever someone would question her about her position in their group. I loved this about her. She was so caring and thoughtful of her friends, although it was more of an act-first-think-later-scheme.

Shane: there's more to him than meets the eye. Overconfident, somewhat aggressive, teasing and yet purposeful, Shane really surprised me. I liked how he was a little bit of everything. His anger, irritation and cockiness balanced out the funny antics of the girls.

The story had a bit of Pretty Little Liars vibe for me, with a lot of humor. Though after a certain point, some of the events came with comforting predictability, I was still surprised by some of the twists. There was also something with the writing that made it so easy and fast to read, as if the words were superfluous. All in all, Uninvited is perfect for readers who are looking for funny YA contemporary novels with a dash of mystery and readers who are looking for a witty and sarcastic YA narrator. Ideal for a quick read.


4 Cupids = Strong book love.
I really enjoyed this. I recommend this!

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  1. Ya contemp with a dash of humor and mystery sound good to me