Friday, November 01, 2013

[Blog Tour] Philippine Folklore and The Aswang Wars: Guest Post by Enita Meadows

Hi guys! I don't normally find YA novels about Philippine folklore but guess what? I did encounter not just a novel but a series that falls under the YA Paranormal field. Yes, it's not just Philippine mythology but "Aswangs" to be specific. That is one of a kind. To make things more interesting, an American author wrote this. So enough with my babbling and let's move on to the Halloween feature!

Book Description:

When amnesiac Jei Rivera wakes up on the streets of Manila in 1982 with nothing but a necklace and a name, he makes a life for himself spending his days in sleep and his nights crippling weaklings in an underground fight club. With a sixth sense and physical abilities surpassing every opponent he's ever met in the decades past, Jei knows he's not normal, but has no way of knowing what he really is. When he meets Malaya, a girl claiming to be an aswang from northern Mindanao and the clan of the Manduruko, Jei is thrust back into their world and their war. Now Jei must travel south with Malaya and the last Mantahungal to rediscover his shapeshifting abilities and play his role in the war. But the Segbin, having discovered Jei's existence, are waiting around every corner as they make their way south, and Jei's sixth sense - with a mind of its own - slowly takes control from the inside out.

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Enita Meadows was born and raised in California before moving to Washington State at the age of 10. She lived there for eight years, absorbing the mis-mash of cultures and people all around her. This diversity and exposure to different ways of life prompted her to write several of her books, which take place in many different and exotic places, with characters as varying in background as the world around her.

In the summer of 2010, Enita was lucky enough to be invited by her best friend, a Filipino, to visit his family in Manila. During the two weeks she spent in the country, she experienced a piece of the lifestyle and culture of the islands both strange and beautiful, and was inspired to write The Aswang Wars. She returned to the states, wrote out the story, and after dozens of edits, she submitted the manuscript and received a contract for the first book, Manduruko.

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