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Review: Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

Book Description:

Hardcover, 416 pages
Published April 8th 2014 by HarperTeen

Kelley Armstrong, #1 New York Times bestselling author, takes an exciting new direction with this big, breathtaking blend of fantasy, romance, horror, and pulse-pounding action, perfect for fans of Graceling and Game of Thrones.

Twin sisters Moria and Ashyn were marked at birth to become the Keeper and the Seeker of Edgewood, beginning with their sixteenth birthday. Trained in fighting and in the secret rites of the spirits, they lead an annual trip into the Forest of the Dead. There, the veil between the living world and the beyond is thinnest, and the girls pay respect to the spirits who have passed.

But this year, their trip goes dreadfully wrong.

With all the heart-stopping romance and action that have made her a #1 New York Times bestselling author, and set in an unforgettably rich and dangerous world, this first epic book in the Age of Legends trilogy will appeal to Kelley Armstrong's legions of fans around the world and win her many new ones.

Reviewer's Copy: ARC

Source: Harper Collins International (Thank you!!)

My Thoughts:

Sea of Shadows is my first Kelley Armstrong book. At page one, I admit that I was hooked. The amazing author had my heart in her hands. It was love at page one.

As a fantasy enthusiast, I am naturally drawn to magic, mysterious spots, tales of olden creatures and unparalleled legends. The story world of Sea of Shadows had all the right elements: heart-wrenching tragedy, horrifying twists and turns, solid adventure, relationship development and of course, budding romance. Just when I thought I knew what was happening, Armstrong made a twist in the plot and I found myself flipping the pages faster. One of the things I loved about this novel was the constant action. There was not a dull moment. 

The twins. Moria, the Keeper, and Ashyn, the Seeker, were both easy to love. They balanced and complimented each other. It was like a yin and yang relationship. Ashyn was sweet, considerate, and gentle while Moria was a fierce warrior, fearless, daring, practical and not quick to trust. I loved Moria to bits as I could see pieces of myself in her character (of course, not the warrior bit.) The narration of the twins was like seeing two sides of a coin. Their differing perspectives allowed me to understand their situation and their world better. 

Budding romance. There were sparks and sometimes, even flashes of fireworks between the twins and their love interests. I was more drawn to the Moria-Gavin attraction. Gavin was a guard in Edgewood, a warrior by blood. He reminded me of a certain fairy boy from The Iron Fey series. Gavin was cold, all-business and hardly smiles at all. He was practical, strategic and passionate about debate. He parried not only with his sword but also with his words. Though i would not say that he was merely cruel. It just so happened that Gavin was not accustomed to socializing and he did not have much practice. What I really liked about him was that throughout the story, I got to see his softer side. He was protective, thoughtful in his own way and honorable. His interaction with Moria was sparked with banter, moments of understanding and bursts of hesitation. The physical attraction between them was palpable. 

The plot was thoroughly enjoyable and unpredictable. This, along with the terrific world building captivated me. One of the twists and turns came at the very end. I ended Sea of Shadows with a shredded heart when the revelation took place. I have become so emotionally attached to the characters that it was difficult for me to see them go through such tough times.

Sea of Shadows is a perfectly balanced blend of light humor, scandal and tragedy, fierce action, sparks of magic and a solid adventure. This book had me sitting at the edge of my seat with its bursts of violence, unpredictability, so-near-yet-so-far-feels with the relationship development between love interests and constant sense of urgency and suspense. I highly recommend this to readers of fantasy and enthusiasts of adventure reads and mythology. 


5 Cupids = Eternal book love.
I will never ever, ever forget this book. I highly recommend this!

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  1. Budding romances is what Kelley's famous for. She drags it until the readers go nuts. :) You should read her Darkest Powers series; I love, love those.