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Celebrating Debutantes 2017: Noah Can't Even by Simon James Green (Character Interview + Giveaway)

Hi guys! We're finally entering the second month of #CelebratingDebutantes2017! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us in coming up with these features, as well as to our readers who continue participating and supporting the event.

Today, I'm have a special treat for you guys. Scholastic is sponsoring the giveaway for our featured novel: Noah Can't Even by Simon James Green.
It's going to be open internationally! So stick around for that.

In the meantime, Noah is on the hot seat for an interview. Let's start with that, shall we?

Hello, Noah! Introduce yourself, please.
Noah Grimes. I am nearly 16, and am the star of so-called ‘novel’ Noah Can’t Even. It’s a monumentally terrible piece of writing, full of lies about my life, and I wouldn’t recommend you bother reading it. I am a boy, and live in a small town called Little Fobbing, situated in the county of Lincolnshire, England. My favourite things are Agatha Christie novels, Murder She Wrote and Skittles. Not bragging, but I’m probably going to be made a Prefect next year.

If you could change something about your story or your story world, what would it be? Why?
Well, for a start, I would be the wealthy son of an aristocrat because it is perfectly obvious to me, and most people who meet me, that I must have been accidentally swapped at birth, and should in fact be royalty or something. I have to suffer the daily indignity of my mother having no money and refusing to cook restaurant-quality food – but if I was rich, there would be staff to do this. Also, I would have more muscles and not be so skinny. Finally, I would never have to take part in a PE lesson ever again, thus removing a major source of humiliation for me.

If you could invite the author of your story, Simon, what would you two do together?
I am still very angry with Simon for writing this book, so this is unlikely to happen – unless we go for a cliff top walk and I ‘accidentally’ push him over the edge…

Harry or Sophie? Why?
Sophie for advice, Harry for cuddles.

What is your favorite Beyonce song, since your mom is a dedicated fan?
I am actually not a fan of popular music and it is especially hard for me to like Beyoncé when my mother has ruined most of her songs. My gran is a big fan of 80’s music, so sometimes I listen to those with her.

If you could attend Pride Parade, would you go? What would be your outfit and what would you do?
Yes, I always enjoy any sort of parade or carnival – especially if I am taking part. I recently enjoyed huge success and acclaim when I dressed up as a Pikachu for the town’s summer carnival parade. Many people pointed and laughed, so I would probably go to a Pride parade as that and hand out free Skittles as they are both rainbow coloured and my favourite type of confectionary.

What is the hardest problem you have faced in life? How did you deal with it?
It was pretty tough when I was overlooked for Dinner Monitor in Year 8. I was pretty confident they were going to elect me as Dinner Monitor, so it came as a blow when it didn’t happen. To deal with this, I mounted a smear campaign against two of the successful candidates, highlighting the fact I saw them fail to wash their hands properly after going to the bathroom. They were forced to resign and I took my rightful position.

What is your deepest, darkest secret?
I have a copy of Nancy Drew – The Clue of the Dancing Puppet, which belongs to the school library and is overdue by two years. I am too embarrassed to return it and anyway, the fine would be huge. I am devising a way to hack the school library computer system and remove all trace of my ever taking it out. But all this is obviously secret.

If you could read a book now, what would it be and why?
I am very interested in a book called ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. The book promises to increase my popularity, help win people to my way of thinking and increase my influence and prestige. How fabulous! With this book, I feel I will be unstoppable and will definitely be elected Head Boy in the Sixth Form.

Is there something you would like to tell the audience/readers?
I would be delighted if you would follow me on Twitter, where I talk about important things - @noahgrimes12

Thank you, Noah and Simon for making this happen!

About the Author:

Simon is an author and screenwriter and he sometimes does a bit of directing too. He actually did a Law degree at Cambridge University, but decided he loved writing and directing too much to go and be a lawyer. He has worked on lots of West End shows including The Rocky Horror Show, Rent and West Side Story and he has also directed Hollyoaks for Lime Pictures / C4. He writes screenplays with his good friend Sarah Counsell, including Rules of Love, a feature-length musical rom-com for the BBC, which has since sold around the world. Noah Can’t Even was selected for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ‘Undiscovered Voices’ competition in 2016 and it’s his first novel.

Find Simon: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram

Book Description:

Paperback, 365 pages
Published May 4th 2017 by Scholastic

Poor Noah Grimes! His father disappeared years ago, his mother's Beyonce tribute act is an unacceptable embarrassment, and his beloved gran is no longer herself. He only has one friend, Harry, and school is...Well, it's pure HELL. Why can't Noah be normal, like everyone else at school? Maybe if he struck up a romantic relationship with someone - maybe Sophie, who is perfect and lovely - he'd be seen in a different light? But Noah's plans are derailed when Harry kisses him at a party. That's when things go from bad to utter chaos.


Big thanks to Scholastic for sponsoring this giveaway!
What's up for grabs: Finished Copy of Noah Can't Even by Simon James Green!
Scope: International

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