Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guest Post with Jennifer Murgia: Meet the Angel Star Characters + Trailer

So yesterday, I told you guys that today you'll get to know the characters of Angel Star. Jennifer wrote this guest post especially for you. Yes, you. I know you're curious about Angel Star. This is your chance to meet the characters before you buy the book! I present the guest post...

Reality Meets Fiction – Literally
This week marks the official release of my debut YA novel, Angel Star. I feel like this moment has been looming over me! I have been excited and jittery all at the same time and now that the big moment is here, just when I think I’ve gotten used to the hype and seen the cover splashed all over the internet and the blogs, read the posts and the reviews – I’m filled with that anxious tingling all over again!

It’s a bit surreal to me that the characters I know so well will be revealed. A few readers have already made themselves acquainted (those who had pre-ordered and read it already). For those of you who are still anxious to meet the ANGEL STAR “cast”, I am more than happy to introduce you.

~Teagan McNeel, our protagonist and heroine of the story, is your typical girl-next- door. She’s quiet and studious, but seems to find herself the constant target of ridicule and taunting by bad-girl Brynn Hanson, the queen bee of Carver High School.

~Claire Meyers is Teagan’s BFF since the third grade. She is the glue to Teagan’s sanity. Fun loving and quirky, she spends her time divided between Teagan and her boyfriend, Ryan Jameson.

~Ahhh… enter Garreth Adams. The new boy at school who has eyes for Teagan, but holds back from revealing a secret he carries until the right moment, for its not only his secret but Teagan’s as well.

~ Hadrian. He is dark, foreboding and tempting as he watches from behind shadows . . . lurking until that one moment when all is revealed and he can make his move.

Angel Star is a story of light vs. darkness – not only that which surrounds us, but what we sometimes choose to acknowledge deep inside. That voice we hear, that decision between right and wrong. Sometimes we listen to it and sometimes we choose to ignore it. But what if we were left to our own devises and that voice was no longer present? What would you do? I invite you to pick up your copy of Angel Star this week and enter that very world!
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And if you want to know more about Jennifer, as well as her debut novel, you can read my interview with Jennifer.
And here's the book trailer:

Angel Star comes out today! Happy Book Birthday Jennifer!
It is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Grab a copy now!


  1. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! Great post! Thanks for introducing us to the characters of Angel Star. I am dying to get my hands on a copy of this book. I love the plot, I love the sound of the characters and I love the author. Jennifer is so lovely! :)