Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spotted: Adele Griffin + The Julian Game

A few days from now, The Julian Game (which I loved, adored, cherished with every page - ) will be released - another captivating story by Adele Griffin, National Book Award Finalist for Where I Want To Be. I'm fortunate to be given the chance to interview her here in Fragments of Life.

*photo credit to Rachel Hulin

What or who inspired you to write The Julian Game?

There’s a first draft of Julian kicking around that has no Julian in it at all. I was really invested in writing a “crazy friend on the edge” story. Then my editor thought we needed to give it some heft, and I myself had just joined Facebook, and was dealing with the whole “who am I for real versus who am I on Facebook” dilemma. So it just came together into the existing plot.

What message will readers pick up from your novel?

I think Julian is more of an identity-crisis book than a bully book. It’s so complicated to pick and choose who you are in a digital world. Message-wise, I think it’s about the push-and-pull of those choices.

Why did you choose to write for teens?

I like teens. I like that phase of life; it’s pitched up so high. Everything is raw, everything is critical. I lived my YA years on such an amped-up voltage. Writing for it reclaims it—though I do love being older. Far less pressure!

Was there a part of the novel that was patterned after a real-life experience of yours?

There’s a little bit of my “first love” in Julian. The so-called golden boy who wasn’t who I thought he was. The disillusion came from my broken nineteen-year-old heart, and those memories. Oh, the drama …

How do you want your readers to view Facebook?

I love Facebook, but it’s definitely not a substitute for getting out there, living your life, doing stuff like meeting up with your three dimensional friends for lunch. I think everyone gets that. Facebook connections are all at arms’ length.

Online-self vs. Real-self. How did you decide to present these two faces?

In my own life, there’s a lot of me online because books are personal—even fiction. And I really love to reach out to readers. So my online self is my real self as much as I can deliver it. The trick, I think, is to unplug. Shut down the computer and jump into the world. I have to keep a strict eye on my inner hermit, because she could take over the whole show.

Will there be a sequel?

No, sadly, I’m way to A.D.D.

What can readers expect from you?

My new website goes up Sept 15, (insert sound of kazoos). And a site for next week, I hope.

Any last words?

Goodreads! It’s my new addiction. If you’re on it, come find me!

Thanks Adele!

The Julian Game will be released on the 27th. Don't forget to grab a copy!


  1. Great interview! Adele is such a sweetheart!

  2. Love the interview!

    Just wanted to let you know I have chosen you for an award on my blog! Visit this post to accept your award! :)