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Spotted: Amalie Howard + 5 Readers will win Bloodspell!

Hi everyone! Today, I have a treat for vampire-witch readers and for ebook readers out there! This post (especially the treat after the interview) is for you!

I have spotted Amalie Howard, the author of the amazing debut, Bloodspell. She’s a very interesting person with a colorful array of experiences. Today, I’ll be asking her a few questions that came to my mind after finishing one of my favorite novels for 2011 – her debut.

How did you choose the words for the spells (incantations) in Latin?

I really loved how the spells in Harry Potter were variations of Latin as mine were, but my inspiration for my spells, funnily enough, came from an unhealthy addiction playing Super Nintendo and Final Fantasy pretty much all through high school. My love for all things magic didn't stop at books and movies, I was entranced at being able to play a role-playing video game where I could command white and black magic! It was so cool! I would actually hide from my mother to play that game … it was my one guilty pleasure, especially when I should have been studying! Inspiration aside, in some cases for my spells, I used variations of Latin or French, but for the most part, they were all loosely translated from English into Latin. "Transeo" for example, which is the teleportation spell in the novel, came from the Latin translation of "to go across or to traverse." Once I had an idea of what the translation of the spell would be, I played around with the sound of the words, sometimes changing letters to make the spell sound more mysterious or more ominous. By the end, I started keeping a log of all the spells, even the ones I didn’t use, just because I didn't want to confuse or misspell any of them in future books! 

What kind of research did you do for Tori's ancestry? Who inspired the character of Brigid (if any?)

Although I did a ton of research in terms of actual factual data for Bloodspell (for example, there actually was an attempted assassination attempt against King Louis-Philippe in the summer of 1835 in France which I talk about when Christian and Lucian were turned), most of Tori’s ancestry is fabricated entirely out of my head. I made up the journals because I really liked the diary element incorporating some historical fiction, and I liked the thought of Tori having some kind of guide, especially one that would show her what could happen if she gave in to the blood. I can’t say that any particular person inspired Brigid, but I really enjoyed writing her character because she was so dark. I mean, I liked writing about Tori triumphing over the blood, but being able to explore the darker, more malevolent side of it was a little intoxicating in itself. But that’s just me. When everyone else wanted to be Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo or Princess Leah, I was the kid who wanted to be Darth Vader. I don’t consider myself to be a villain, but I do appreciate both sides of the battle, and the lure of the dark side. Someone once asked me who my favorite hero was, and my answer was the Phoenix. I have no doubt she’s had some influence on the development of both Brigid and Tori. I love that she embodies life and passion, and as a character, she fascinates me because she is so consumed by her own state of being, which is really neither good nor bad. In some ways, she embodies both Brigid and Tori … who are the two opposing sides of the same coin, but in the end, her indifference combined with an innate selfishness can only consume and destroy her (as it did Brigid).
You grew up in a small Caribbean island! Can you tell us if there was witch/magic-related folklore there? Did this in any way inspire you to write Bloodspell?

The Caribbean is an area of the world rich in occult folklore and mysticism, which undoubtedly shaped my interest in dark fantasy. Growing up, we had our share of spooky or “jumbie” (monster) stories—word of mouth tales of voodoo or West Indian sorcery called Obeah, tales of the Soucouyant, a supernatural beast disguised as an old woman by day and a blood-sucking creature by night—those stories thrilled and terrified, and I always wanted more. Put it this way, I had more than enough inspiration to develop an early and ongoing obsession with all things fantasy, and Bloodspell was likely a natural culmination of that. Growing up in the Caribbean has also given me a great foundation for experiencing different cultures and understanding the true meaning of diversity, which I think gives my writing a unique edge and voice.

How did you prepare for the fight scenes? Did you watch any TV shows/movies, read books or something else?

From a personal perspective, when I’m reading a book, I like to get so drawn into the story that I completely lose myself, and I’m transported into the world within the book just by force of the author’s intense descriptions. I am an extraordinarily visual person, so I like vivid imagery in my books. In fantasy, I think everything has to be a little brighter and more effervescent, more punchy and fierce. You want to experience these worlds like the “paranorms” do … with every cell of your being. A local bookseller reviewed Bloodspell as being “cinematic” and I can only say that movies are unequivocally to blame. They are my Achilles heel, my kryptonite. I absolutely adore watching them, and I especially love book to film adaptations if only for the gratifying comparison of how I felt reading it in a novel versus watching it in a film. Like I said, I’m very visual so I have no doubt that that translates across into my action scenes and the flow of the story. I’m a total tidbit-hoarder, too, so if I see something I like, for example a spinning crouch kick move in a movie, I’ll file it away in my head for future use. When I’m writing out a scene, especially an action scene incorporating such a move, I envision how that kick and the fight sequence plays out in my head—almost like a movie reel—and that is what I hope to communicate to the reader, even though the medium is via text. My goal is to convey that same sense of vividness and fluidity that you would experience watching a movie.

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The spell was simple...

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What's more, when she meets the dazzling but enigmatic Christian Devereux, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. Enemies will hunt her. Friends will turn on her. The terrible curse that makes her blood run black will stop at nothing to control her. And Christian has a sinister secret of his own...

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