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Character Interview with Sam + Giveaway: Rapture by Phillip W. Simpson

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying Dystopian Domination III. Today, I invited a guy from the future. (I know, most of the character interviews are with girls, right?) He’s Sam, not your typical human boy, from Phillip W. Simpson’s novel, Rapture.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Sam. It’s short for Samael. That’s my demon name. My mother was a missionary and my father… well, my father is Satan, the Morning Star, the Father of Lies. He seduced my mother. My mother managed to smuggle my new born self to her friend and fellow missionary – Hikari. He brought me up, alongside his daughter, Aimi.

On the outside, I’m an 18 year old teenager. That’s if you don’t look too closely. If you do, you’ll see the horns that I try to hide underneath my hoodie or cap or whatever else I use to try and conceal my heritage. And my black eyes. Actually, they’re only mostly black. When I get angry (and I do that a lot), they turn red.

If I don’t hide what I am – well, that’s when I see the true nature of most people. Most people who do find out either hate me or fear me. It’s all the same to me these days. I’m used to it.

Hikari and Aimi were my rocks. Hikari is not only my father in every sense of the word, he’s my master as well. He’s a swordmaster, martial arts expert and demon scholar. He’s trained me all my life in preparation for the Rapture. I don’t know how I cope without him.

Hikari organised for my swords to be forged. My Katana and Wakizashi – my daisho. They’re made from iron – from a meteorite. Crafted by one of the finest swordsmiths in Japan, they’re the most deadly weapons against demons. They’ve been blessed and quenched in holy water. They’ve also been inscribed with latin prayers in silver. Sometimes, I think they’re the only friends that remain to me in this world. My constant companions. The two things I trust the most.

Aimi – well. She’s beautiful. Three years younger than me. She was my training partner, my friend, my companion and guidance counsellor. At least she was before she went up with the Rapture alongside Hikari. I also love her but I don’t know if she knows that.

What do you think of the present world?

It’s much the same as the one I live in. Still filled with the same judgemental, hate filled people. The only difference is the Rapture hasn’t happened here like it has in my world.

What was the first thing you did when you got here?

Got some decent sushi. I don’t need to eat much but I do miss sushi. I’m sick of living on rat. Aimi was an awesome cook and I miss her food.

If you lived in our time, who would you be? What would you do?

You mean if I wasn’t half demon? If I didn’t have these horns? Well – I’d do what I always wanted to do. What I always dreamed of doing but couldn’t because of who I am. Be a quarterback. Play in the NFL. I’m big and stronger and faster than any human and I love football. I used to watch it in secret from under the bleaches and imagine what it would be like. Of course Aimi would be with me. She’d go to college and then probably grad school but she’d always have time to watch me play.

What is your favorite thing about 2012? Why?

Because the Rapture hasn’t happened here (yet). You don’t know what it’s like living in my world. No water, no food. Demons stalking the land every night. Crimson moon. Ash covering the ground like a blanket. Everything dying. I can’t remember what it’s like to see the sun.

Here in 2012 – well, it’s nice. Normal. I want to stay. Maybe in this world, I’d get to be with Aimi.

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? Why?

Geeze – that’s an easy one.
1.      Not be the son of the devil
2.      Spend the rest of my life with Aimi and Hikari
3.      Have friends who trust me and that I trust in turn

Thanks for dropping by, Sam!

About the Author:

Phillip W. Simpson is an author of  mostly children's books - both fiction and non-fiction.  To date, he has also written one adult novel.  When not writing, he works as a primary school teacher.  He lives with his wife, Rose,  their son Jack and their two border terriers, Whiskey and Raffles

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Giveaway: Rapture by Phillip W. Simpson

The Rapture has occurred, just as the Bible predicted. The faithful have risen up to Heaven. Those left behind are in a living hell. 

Earth burns, hell-like in its oppressive heat. Every volcano in the world has erupted, and tsunamis and earthquakes continue to devastate the planet. Clouds continually rain ash onto the scorched landscape, sparking fires all around. Plants and animals are dying. Food is scarce. The night sky is devoid of stars, and the moon - when it can be seen - is the colour of blood. 

The remnants of humanity fight for survival. Most have fled the cities and now hide in caves deep in the mountains. By night, demons stalk the Earth, capturing the remaining humans and killing them - if they're lucky. The less fortunate are converted to worship of the Devil, and ushered into endless hell. 

Eighteen year old, Sam (short for Samael) was raised in the town of Jacob's Ladder, Utah. It is appropriately enough near to a place of natural scenic beauty called Devil's garden. He finds himself alone, unable to rise up with his family because he is half demon. His mother, a devout Christian, was seduced by Satan and conceived his child. She smuggled the boy to an old friend Hikari, a Japanese sword master and demon expert. Since then, Hikari and his daughter, Aimi, have been all the family Sam has known. 

Now they're gone, and Sam must set out on the mission Hikari charged him with long ago: to help all the humans left behind. Armed only with his beloved Japanese swords and his wits, Sam wanders the post-apocalyptic world alone, separated forever from everyone he loves. Cursed by his demonic heritage, he must now embark on a quest that will take him across the US to the City of Angels. 
There he will confront his destiny. There he must fight to save a friend ... and the souls of the living. 


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  1. 3.Have friends who trust me and that I trust in turn

    Because you need both, trust in people and friends. Best to have that combined.

  2. 2. Spend the rest of my life with Aimi and Hikari, because we all need our best friends with us!

  3. Spend the rest of his life with Aimi and Hikari. Because I think that with that wish, he'd have friends to trust. And it wouldn't matter if he's the son of the devil :P

  4. Have friends who trust me and that I trust in return.
    We all need that.

    laura thomas

  5. To have friends that trust him and he trusts in return.

    That's something we all need right. Where are we without someone we can trust?

  6. not entering/just tweeting
    i lov this book

  7. Spend the rest of my life with Aimi and Hikari!
    He will have friends to love and trust forever!