Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To my readers: Explanation + Changes

Hi everyone! So you’ve probably noticed my absence these past few months and lately, my semi-absence.


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Forgive me? Yes?

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If you forgive me (and you’re still here)…Thank you!

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It’s getting harder and harder to manage my studies, my thesis and the blog at the same time. I even thought about going on a hiatus…but I just can’t do it. I love blogging too much. I have more free time now that it’s sembreak. I promise to dedicate more time!

There are *changes* in Fragments of Life, too:

Contact Me page – fellow booklovers, fellow bloggers, publicists and authors can contact me easily now. You can just fill out the easy form on the Contact Me page and hit send. J

Policies – I’ve updated my review policy. It’s clearer now. I also added a giveaway policy. Regarding giveaways, I will no longer make a post to announce giveaway winners. Instead, readers can go back to the giveaway page and check the rafflecopter form to find out if they won. :)

Rating System – I updated my rating system, too. I’m still using the cupids but this time, I have added a description for every rating, like this:

5 Cupids = Eternal book love. 
I will never, ever, ever forget this book. I highly recommend this!

Blog Features: Posts and Events – here, you can see the past and on-going features and events.

Beyond the blog: Quotes + Appearances – just a place to keep track and preserve all the features/quotations related to me and the blog.

Dystopian Domination III will end this October. I’m thinking of making it a permanent feature on the blog.

Still thinking about it though...I’m scared of boring each and every one of you of too much dystopia/sci-fi on the blog.

Here are the upcoming reviews on the blog:

Creepy and Maud by Dianne Touchell (YA contemp – aussie!)
Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse (YA dystopian)
Katya’s World by Jonathan L. Howard (YA science fiction)
The Girl is Trouble by Kathryn Miller Haines (YA historical)

Lastly, thank you guys for staying with me. *teary* I really do appreciate it!