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Indie Spotlight Review: The Silent Deal by Levi Stack

First of all, I would like to thank Levi Stack for introducing me to his work. I am proud and honored to say that I am the first blogger to review this gem. I don't usually review YA indie novels but I must admit that this novel really impressed me and went beyond my expectations. To the readers who dare to try fresh fiction and to those who are doubtful, give me a few minutes to convince you to read The Silent Deal.

Book Description:

Paperback, 358 pages
May 2nd 2013

When Viktor and Romulus, two peasant boys, dig too deep into their town’s strange past, they awaken the wrath of a mysterious overlord. As the blood brothers struggle to survive, their search for answers takes them through gambling parlors, bare-knuckle boxing matches, and dark forests full of wild animals and men alike. But even with the help of their friends, can they escape the deathly experiments their foe is creating in Staryi Castle?

Enter the bold lands of the Russian Empire where the colorful characters of The Card Game dwell, from the fortune-tellers and fire-jugglers of the Romani Gypsies, to the dangerous criminals that make up the Thieves World, the predecessor of the Russian Mafia.

An explosive mixture of adventure and mystery, The Silent Deal is a young adult novel that will rip readers through the pages. A perilous journey awaits…

Note: On August 10 to 12, The Silent Deal will be free on Amazon.

Source: Levi Stack(Thank you!!)

My Thoughts:

The Silent Deal started out with an otherworldly narrative by Leshy, the spirit of the woods, in the lush, mysterious forest of Russia. Although delivered in English, the Russian vibe was kept alive through delving deep into the waters of Russian culture and mythology. The integration of Russian mythology into the story was one of the reasons why I loved The Silent Deal.

Viktor was a 14-year-old serf under the rule of Master Molotov. His perspective changed after he witnessed a man's hanging for possessing a playing card. Since then, he has wondered and searched for the truth behind the cards. Although daring, he still remained to be the rational one of the duo, weighing the consequences and implications of every move. Romulus, the boy of the forest, was the one who intrigued me more. He was a waking mystery, never failing to tickle my curiosity. Living in the first, he had distanced himself from the society of Aryk. Secrets cloaked him like a second skin. Distrustful, wild and uncontrollable, Romulus always did as he pleased. I loved how Stack delivered good character development in the persona of Romulus and Viktor. From a fearful, rule-following serf boy, Viktor hardened into a freedom fighter, thirsty for the truth. Meanwhile, Romulus softened into a trustworthy blood brother.

The gypsies of Kasta Way, fiery, bold and passionate with their music, art and horseback riding, were part of the reasons why I love The Silent Deal. The Crossbones clan were an entertaining bunch. Everything about them screamed daring and fearless. Belch, who was constantly quoting English plays, appealed to my theater-loving self. He was quirky, weird, and sometimes downright mental. The lot an side by side with the blood brothers Romulus and Viktor in their search for answers. Between two serf boys and gypsies, every little thing was bound to be amusing.

The Leopard was a blackhole sucking me into its darkness and mystery. I kept reading on partly because I wanted to find out who he really was. The mystery was well thought-out, from the past to the present, puzzling me, haunting me and intriguing me beyond expectation.

The plot was like an intricate and detailed tapestry, twists and turns were woven into the heart of the story. It was entertaining, injected with adventure, cryptic suspense, jolts of startling violence and death. Although I initially thought of recommending this novel to middle grade readers and younger teens, it seems that the level of maturity of The Silent Deal surpasses the bounds of Middle Grade fiction.

The Silent Deal is one of a kind, unforgettable and addicting with its well-developed characters, unpredictable and twisty plot and well-crafted, vivid story world. The story world was complex enough that you could lose yourself in its folds. There was never a boring moment for me. Each page promised new secrets to be revealed and more dangers to be encountered. Be prepared to be captivated with a haunting mystery, a chilling history and a perilous search. I highly recommend this for Young Adult historical readers, enthusiasts of Fantasy and mystery lovers. This is the best self-published debut I have read so far.


5 Cupids = Eternal book love.
I will never, ever, ever forget this book. I highly recommend this!

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of this book and wow, your review. I mean, we all know you write great reviews but this one. THIS. ONE. You just convinced me that it's really awesome and I can already feel the adrenaline that will course through my veins just by your descriptions. Though I'm not a fan of fantasy, I've been reading it a lot more these days and this seems right up my alley!

    Thank you so much for introducing The Silent Deal to me, Precious!