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Review: Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

Book Description:

When Liv Bloom lands an art scholarship at Wickham Hall, it’s her ticket out of the foster system. Liv isn’t sure what to make of the school’s weird traditions and rituals, but she couldn’t be happier. For the first time ever, she has her own studio, her own supply of paints. Everything she could want.

Then she meets Malcolm Astor, a legacy student, a fellow artist, and the one person who’s ever been able to melt her defenses. Liv’s only friend at Wickham, fellow scholarship kid Gabe Nichols, warns her not to get involved, but life is finally going Liv’s way, and all she wants to do is enjoy the ride.

But Liv’s bliss is doomed. Weeks after arriving, she is viciously murdered and, in death, she discovers that she’s the latest victim of a dark conspiracy that has claimed many lives. Cursed with the ability to see the many ghosts on Wickham’s campus, Gabe is now Liv’s only link to the world of the living. To Malcolm.

Together, Liv, Gabe, and Malcolm fight to expose the terrible truth that haunts the halls of Wickham. But Liv must fight alone to come to grips with the ultimate star-crossed love.

Hardcover, 280 pages
Published March 11th 2014 by Soho Teen

Reviewer's Copy: ARC

Source: Pinoy Book Tours (Thank you!)

My Thoughts:

The story world of Liv, Forever reminded me of Hereafter with its living-and-dead-relationship, of Glimmer with its vibe, and of Anna Dressed in Blood with its bits and pieces of gore and violence. There was something positively sinister with the story that I just found my heart accelerating and found myself sitting at the edge of my seat as the events unfolded. The school kept a dark secret within its halls - something earth-shattering to shock all readers.

Liv was an admirable character. Expressive, a bit too persistent, fun and smart, she brightened up every scene in the book. Her death was a mystery to me and I, myself, struggled to find out how she died, why she died and who killed her. It was maddeningly to not know. It seemed that aside from her connection with Malcolm and the creepy mystery of Wickham Hall, her unanswered questions kept her feet tied to the ground.

The chapters were sandwiched between short narratives of the dead girls. This was something that thoroughly intrigued me throughout the book. Getting to know each and every one of the ghosts of Wickham Hall made me understand the story better and at the same time sympathize with them.

Malcolm was Liv's almost-boyfriend and lover. There were loss and constant hurt in both Liv and Malcolm's hearts because of her sudden death, leaving their love story and upcoming relationship suspended in the air. Thankfully, Gabe, someone who could see and hear ghosts, studied in Wickham Hall. He also happened to be Liv's friend. Serving as the middleman/messenger, he facilitated the communication between the couple. Though between silences, awkward moments and ghostly limitations, Liv and Malcolm had to make it work, how to express their feelings and make the other one feel his/her presence. I was amazed with their trust and loyalty towards one another. It was a difficult relationship to be in and I salute them for their strength.

The ending. That ending. To be honest, with this ending, I prayed and hoped that it would be a standalone. I couldn't think of a more bittersweet and more perfect ending. I love how Liv and Malcolm's relationship lasted until that point, strengthening and becoming even more intense. This was one of the few books that actually made me cry - it just made me remember of certain parts of my life. This was the point when I realized that throughout the book, Amy Talkington has made me emotionally invest in the story and in the characters. I love her for that.

Overall, Liv, Forever was a horror suspense that was a perfect read to finish in one sitting. Cute, heart-racing and very dark, Liv, Forever will made me flip through the pages and race to the end, continuously creeping me out with the story's dark side, surprising me with its twists and turns and making me smile with Liv and Malcolm's scenes.

4.5 Cupids = Obsessive book love.
Almost made it as one of my favorites! I strongly recommend this!

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  1. Ahhh! I need to read this Precious! I've heard nothing but great things about it, and though the mention of a bittersweet ending makes me nervous (if there is in fact no sequel) as I'm a HEA kind of girl, everything else sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to this one now:)