Monday, July 05, 2010

Review: Nomansland by Lesley Hauge

Book Description:

Sometime in the future, a lonely, windswept island is populated
solely by women. Among these women is a group of teenaged
Trackers—expert equestrians and archers—whose job is to
protect their shores from the enemy. The enemy, they’ve been
told, is men. When these girls come upon a partially buried
home from the distant past, they are fascinated by the strange
objects—high-heeled shoes, teen magazines, make-up—found
there. What are they to make of these mysterious things? And
what does it mean for their strict society where friendship is
forbidden and rules must be obeyed—at all costs?

Source: Publisher (Thank you!)

My Thoughts:

Nomansland gripped me and refused to let me go. As a girl who lives in a machismo society, I truly appreciate this novel. It uplifted women to the point of equality that has been desired for many years. Foundland was such a wondrous place despite the strange strict laws that they need to obey. With the buried houses and objects from the Time Before (our time), it was like discovering the present and seeing the things that I know through a foreign pair of eyes. The things of vanity led to awe and confusion, as well as tons of questions as to why and how these were used. It was nice to perceive these things and be able to draw the line between wants and needs, and to realize how we have come to attain comfort and luxury. The Tribulation remained a big question mark in my head. I was so curious about it and I found it a bit disappointing that this was not explained further. In addition to this, I wanted to know about the reason why they have come to be isolated, who authored the strict rules, and what happened to the Old People who used to live in Foundland.

Keller was a girl with a strong sense of right and wrong. But the discovery of a dwelling of the Old People fuelled her curiosity and doubt of everything she knows. After this shook her, she began to witness the acts of rebellion within the society and committing of the seven Pitfalls. With these too, I started to see the carelessness and desire of the isolated women to find out more about the past. It was more than just curiosity. It was a need to know. The characters were fascinating. I wish I got to know them on a deeper level.

Lesley Hauge brought to life women of strength, independence and power and raised several issues connected not only to femininity and equality between the sexes but also to beauty and vanity. Foundland was an isolated world of laws and restrictions, of simplicity and of practicality. It was a world so plain that it lacks expression, excitement and 'life;' a world that was the opposite of ours. It reflected that same hunger for power and deceit that exist and victimize people.

Nomansland is an intriguing story about the value of friendship and solitude, the consequences of obedience and disobedience, and the danger of greed and power.



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  5. I've seen this around a few bookstores but never bothered to pick it up! Seems like it was a worthwhile read based on your review! Which was FABULOUS by the way =))) The exposition of your review is genuinely analytical and concise!

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