Monday, January 18, 2010

500 Words a Day Challenge + Discoveries

I've been so busy this past few days.

School + Projects/Research + Reading + Writing = Almost Disaster.

I've already finished plotting the story in my head. I even wrote down all the ideas in a mini notebook. And I've written the first few chapters. But I guess I need more discipline if I want to finish this while I'm still high with inspiration (and sometimes coffee.)

So I decided to participate in a challenge here.

It's called 500 Words a Day Challenge. Basically, it's an activity that urges a writer to be disciplined and to remain focused on finishing his/her work. So far, I'm doing well. Finally done with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chapters of... I don't have a title yet. I'm thinking "Confessions in the Rain."

Plus, early this morning I found the perfect, fabulous, awesome, [place all good adjectives here] bookshelf, that would be incredibly useful for my homeless (almost homeless) books. As of now, they've found refuge in my closet. But then my clothes had to be moved to our dressing room which is fine. Less clothes = less mess. I found this bookcase at All About {n}.

Did I mention that I love this?? *hollers to Mom* Hint, hint.

But then again...she bought me this cute furry bag which possibly might make people* want to stab to me to death. I care about animals! Okay?? It's just too cute to abandon. It's mine anyway.


  1. Great challenge. It's a wonderful way to discipline yourself and get in the habit of writing. Good for you. And I am loving that bookshelf. Hope your mom gets the hint!

  2. I think she did get the hint! She's going to buy me one if I behave. :) And yep, it's a great challenge. I was actually surprised that it worked for me.