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Character Interview with Maggie + Giveaway: $10 Amazon Gift card + Persistence of Vision

Hi everyone! Today, I have a character from a New Adult dystopian fantasy (still reads like YA) that will be released on January 29, 2013. Stick around for the giveaway!

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Maggie Harper. I was born near the end of the twentieth century, but travelled forward in time to help liberate the human race from the bondage of collective entities. In the future, ninety percent of the world’s population is enslaved in collective minds. Individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, and only a handful of us remain to save the spark of individuality in the human race.

I had a strange experience in Vegas. My brother and I lost twelve hours of our lives and woke up in a strange hotel room. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. A year later, a strange man named Marcus showed up to tell me that I had been in the future, part of the team trying to bring down the collectives. Something happened and I lost my memories of the future, so they decided to put me back in my own time. That’s what the whole Vegas thing was about. Apparently, I was in the future with this team for about a year, and had a romantic relationship with Marcus. I don’t remember him at all now, but he remembers me. Can everyone say awkward?

What do you think of the present world?

When I was growing up and living here, I took it for granted. You people have no idea how good you have it. Governments still exist in your time. Sure, there’s crime and you have exercise caution and common sense, but for the most part you still live safe, worry-free lives. Or at least you do in the first world countries.

What was the first thing you did when you got here?

Treated myself to some fast food. In the future, mass-production is non-existent. There isn’t food and entertainment to be had on every corner. We have to fight hard to survive. Nothing comes easy. When I got here, I went and got a cheeseburger from a local chain and cried while eating it. I’m sure that sounds pathetic to you, but I couldn’t help it.

If you lived in our time, who would you be? What would you do?

I did live in your time until I was in my twenties. I owned my own catering business, had a brother I was close to, dated a bit, and lived a pretty normal, single life. I think if I came back now I might dedicate my life to helping people embrace their individuality somehow. It’s the only way I can think of to prevent our world’s future.

What is your favorite thing about 2012? Why?

The freedom that exists; how many wealthy people there are who are free and forward thinking and willing to lift others to their higher level. That may describe only a small percent of the population, but such things simply don’t exist in the future.

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? Why?

1)      That I could regain my memories of what happened to me before. I need to be able to remember what happened, why I chose the things that I did, and what I lost when my memories were erased.
2)      That things with Marcus wouldn’t be so awkward and confusing. This sort of goes along with regaining my memories. Things would be much easier if I could remember my relationship with Marcus.
3)      That I could find some way to overthrow the collectives. I don’t know if I’m up to the task. I live in terror that I might not be strong enough or smart enough to bring down the collectives. I wish for this with every part of myself.

About the Author:

Liesel K. Hill writes across three genres including scifi/fantasy, historical fiction, and crime drama. She is a graduate of Weber State University and lives in Northern Utah. She is a prolific blogger  and enjoys spending time with her large, close-knit family. 
Persistence of Vision is her first novel. It will be published on January 29, 2013 by Tate Publishing.

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Giveaway: $10 Amazon Gift card + Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill

In a world where collective hives are enslaving the population and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper, and independent 21st Century woman, must find the strength to preserve the freedom of the future, but without the aid of her memories.

After experiencing a traumatic time loss, Maggie is plagued by a barrage of images she can't explain. When she's attacked by a creep with a spider's web tattoo, she is saved by Marcus, a man she's never met, but somehow remembers. He tells her that both he and her creepy attacker are from a future in which individuals are being murdered by collectives, and Marcus is part of the rebellion. The collectives have acquired time travel and they plan to enslave the human race throughout all of history. The flashes Maggie has been seeing are echoes of lost memories, and the information buried deep within them is instrumental in defeating the collective hives.

In order to preserve the individuality of mankind, Maggie must try to re-discover stolen memories, re-kindle friendships she has no recollection of, and wade through her feelings for the mysterious Marcus, all while dodging the tattooed assassins the collectives keep sending her way.

If Maggie can't fill the holes in her memory and find the answers to stop the collectives, the world both in her time and in all ages past and future will be doomed to enslavement in the grey, mediocre collectives. As the danger swirls around her and the collectives close in, Maggie realizes she must make a choice: stand out or fade away...

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