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Betrayal Blog Tour: Cover Interview with Ednah Walters + Discount

Hi everyone! As part of the Betrayal Blog Tour (Teen Book Scene,) I have Ednah here today at Fragments of Life. If you’ve been here during IMMs and Waiting on Wednesdays, you’ll know that covers really draw me in. So today, I’m interviewing Ednah about the cover of Betrayal.
Why did you or the people who made the cover decide to switch from a drawing representation (Awakened cover) to a real-person representation?
I switched publishers. My first publisher’s art department preferred illustrations and drawn covers, while my present publisher prefers people. They tried to stay true to the guy on the cover of AWAKENED.
How were the models for the cover chosen? 

The guy was based on the description of Bran in the book as was Lil. Lil’s hair is multi-red though and Bran’s hair is raven-black. Their green eyes are also different, which the cover designers tried to match.

Are the models similar to how you imagined Lil and Bran in your mind?

The model for Bran is pretty close. I would have loved to have his hair longer than on the cover. The body type is a match. As for Lil, she’s supposed to have tanned skin, but they did the best they could.

There's a star in the background. What does it represent?

The Guardian amulet worn by Cardinals is a six-pointed star with symbols for each of the six powers-fire/energy, water, air, earth, time and psi. The core has the green jadeite.

What does Lil's position in the cover suggest and how does this relate to Betrayal's plot? 

LOL, she doesn’t look very happy on the cover, does she?  She’s also slightly turned away from Bran, hinting at anger or disappointment. In the book, she believes several people betrayed her when they actually didn’t, while the one she trusted the most turns out to be the one she least suspected. She and Bran fight in the book, too, hence the body positioning.
Thank you for dropping by, Ednah!

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  1. Very interesting to learn more about the cover! I like it and I'm totally intrigued by the Guardian amulet and powers the characters must possess. Definitely need to get my hands on the first book in this series!