Monday, August 01, 2011

Hunted Blog Tour: Interview with DJ Desmyter

Hi everyone! Today, I have a co-blogger who is the author of Hunted from Pendrell Publishing. Please welcome, DJ!

Which part did you like writing the most: beginning, middle or end?

I always have trouble starting a new story, but the beginning of Hunted came rather easily, so that was my favorite. I also loved writing the end because I knew exactly how I wanted it to be, so I couldn’t wait to actually get there and write it. J

After reading several werewolf books, why did you decide to stick to the werewolf version that you used in Hunted?

I didn’t want to recreate the werewolf myth or write a story where the existence of werewolves is the main shocking fact. When writing about popular paranormal creatures like werewolves, I think it’s hard to be sneaky about it and have a big, surprising reveal. So, I wanted my story to have a very grounded feel to it to try and make it more believable.

How did you mold Alex and Lily's relationship?

Much of their relationship is based off of friends’ wants/needs in a relationship and of aspects I like in other fictional couples. I also knew I didn’t want a whole lot of drama going between Alex and Lily. A popular trend in YA paranormal romance is that the guy is moody, distant, and reluctant to show his love. Some guys are like this in real life, but not all are, so I wanted to show that and have Alex be the “good boy”.

What message do you want your readers to pick up?

All I want is for readers to enjoy Hunted and to love Lily and Alex as much as I do. J

Can you tell us one thing that you changed about Hunted (during edits)?

The ending was re-written, so there’s an epilogue floating on my computer that didn’t make it into the book. Other than that, though, not much was changed.

Thank you for dropping by, DJ!

Tomorrow, go to Erika’s blog for a character interview with Alex and an ARC giveaway of Hunted.


  1. I love how he describes the relationship! So true about the moody, distanct guy and all the love drama these in books these days, so it's always so refreshing to see this kind of relationship portrayed. Great interview!

  2. Excellent interview. I must say that HUNTED is a great read, and I'm excited for everyone else to get a chance to read it!