Thursday, December 15, 2011

Character Interview: Treygan of Tangled Tides

Hi everyone! A couple of days ago, I was captivated by a certain novel about sea monsters. Today, I have Treygan with me, one of Yara’s love interests in the novel Tangled Tides by Karen Hooper.

You’ve met vampires, werewolves, angels and faeries, but you haven’t met this hottie yet. He’s a merman with kickass abilities and a unique personality: Treygan.

Treygan, the stormy-eyed merman who turned Yara mer, will stop at nothing and sacrifice everything to protect his people—until he falls for Yara. (from Karen’s site)

If you and Yara were both you think you'd still have a chance at winning her heart?

I would like to hope so, but I honestly don't know. An existence without my powers and abilities is impossible for me to imagine. It's all I've ever known and it's what makes me who I am. Thankfully, who I am as a sea monster is who Yara fell in love with. I don't want to think about how different or mundane our lives would be if we were both human.

Do you regret anything?

I regret many things: what I did to Kimber, my lack of a relationship with my father, and many others. Some days I even question whether or not I handled Yara's transformation in the best manner. I can't change the past, but I can try to do better in the present and future.

Can you tell me about one of your on-land experiences?

In the past decade or so, I haven't been a fan of being on land in the Earth realm, but when I was a child my grandmother took me on a train ride, and that was fascinating. We had our own cabin car and I remember loving all the sounds of the train. Most of the time I rode with my face plastered against the window, watching the landscape zoom past us.

What is the most interesting/intriguing human practice/custom for you?

Sleeping, and the whole dream and nightmare phenomenon. Yara swears she still has dreams and nightmares when she's resting, but I have never experienced so it's foreign to me.

Do you have some sort of holiday underwater? How do you celebrate it?

Oh yes, we have so many holidays and celebrations in Rathe. We did the best we could here in this realm to imitate our customs back home, but there is no comparison. We have three seasons in Rathe and we celebrate each one in its own unique way. I have a feeling you may be reading about them in other volumes of our memoirs.

If Rownan wasn't a selkie, do you think there is a chance that you and him could be good brothers or even friends?

Before the gate closed, Rownan and I were very close as brothers, and we were great friends. Our beliefs and morals divided us. How the selkies--well, Jack in particular--ever thought killing an innocent girl would solve our problems, was insane and barbaric to all merfolk. The Rownan I grew up with would have never even considered doing something like that. It's amazing how I can share blood with him, yet we are so different.

Thank you for dropping by, Treygan! See you in Book 2!

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  1. You do realise this has made me 10x more excited to read Tangled Tides? I've no doubt you, Karen and Treygan all conspired together to make the reader want to go grab a copy right now :P

    So intrigued to learn more about Rathe and their different celebrations and also the fantastic mythology Karen has crafted with mermaids! Treygan sounds like such a fascinating character who I am eager to laern more about now. Fantastic interview!