Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

Description from the book:

Hardcover, 543 pages
November 1, 2011, Splinter

Danger. Heartbreak. Choices.

Is forever too long to wait for true love?

Five mythical Chinese dragons and the open sea beckon nineteen-year-old Kelsey who must embark on a third voyage – this time to find the goddess Durga’s Black Pearl Necklace and free her beloved Ren from both the tiger’s curse and his sudden amnesia. Ren’s bad-boy brother, Kishan, however, has other plans, and the two vie for her affection and try to outsmart those intent on foiling their goal.

Tiger’s Voyage, the third book in the Tiger’s Curse series, spins a deliciously suspenseful tale of enchanted creatures, love-torn hearts, and edge-of-your-seat action as Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan journey toward their true destiny.

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My Thoughts:

Warning: There is a possibility that this review is spoilery for people who haven’t read Tiger’s Curse and Tiger’s Quest.

I admired Kelsey starting from Tiger’s Curse and all throughout Tiger’s Quest, so it’s not a surprise that in Tiger’s Voyage, I continued cheering her on. But this time, half the time, I wanted to shake her and scold her. Kelsey’s character remained to be loving, generous, loyal and dedicated. But with Ren’s amnesia and the gap between them, her heart was once again cracking and tearing apart. It was a good thing that Kishan was a constant presence in her life. Kishan was comfortable to be with, dependable, supportive, peaceful and simply good. After months of Ren still not being able to remember her, Kelsey followed Mr. Kadam’s advice to let him be, not put pressure on him and try to be happy. Much to her surprise, it worked well.

Houck brought in five Chinese dragons in Tiger’s Voyage. They came in different colors and personalities. I enjoyed reading about them especially when they gave challenges to our trio. Each one of their realms was stunning and unforgettable. The red dragon and the ice dragon were the ones I liked best. The Indian mythology continued to pour into the pages with another tidbit from Durga’s past. The Black Pearl Necklace that Kelsey and the tigers sought was a part of it.

The journey was filled with magic, struggles and emotion. The love triangle that Kelsey was involved in really made an impact in her life and in her decisions. The tug-of-war in her chest was so strong. Her decision, her choice will change two lives – one for the better and one for the worst. She could make one happy and one miserable.

The characters changed and matured with the obstacles that came their way. Kelsey had learned to let go and try to enjoy life. Kishan became patient and stood back, remaining to be a dependable friend and lover. Ren, on the other hand, was still trying to remember who Kelsey was. He became more patient but at the same time his selfless trait kicked in which led him to hard decisions. I got to know a little more about Nilima and Lokesh in this installment. I also encountered new characters such as Wes, the Southern gentleman diving instructor who had eyes for Kelsey. He brought a different kind of humor into the story.

Tiger’s Voyage is the best of the series so far.  It just keeps getting better and better. I’m dying for the fourth book! Fascinating, obsessive, heart-tearing, heart-pumping, thrilling and romantic, this installment will quench readers’ thirst for love, adventure and mythology. I highly recommend this series to fantasy and romance readers!



  1. Great review, Ive been seeing this series everywhere and I think its time for me to read it soon. thanks


  2. GAHH. I only read your last paragraph because I don't want to spoil myself, but man.... why haven't I read these yet? Seriously, you've been gushing about every book that's come out so far and I've yet to see a negative review for this series. Just that final paragraph alone has me 270% SOLD on this series. Amazing!