Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Review: Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

Book Description:

It starts with a phone call. “I’m dying,” a voice tells Dusty. Who is he and how has he gotten her cell number? Dusty wants no part of this strange boy . . . until he begins saying things that only someone who knows her intimately could say—things that lead her to think he knows the whereabouts of her brother, who disappeared over a year ago. Suddenly drawn in, Dusty very much wants to save this boy. Trouble is, she cannot find him. Part human, part spirit, he won’t let himself be found. He is too dangerous, he says. There are mobs of people who agree and who want to see this boy dead . . . and who will hurt anyone who stands in their way.

A gripping, hair-raising mystery about a boy not of this world, and a girl determined to protect him.

My Thoughts:

Okay, I just finished this last Saturday afternoon. It started with a really weird phone call. I must say, that phone call alone was enough to keep me going. As the story progressed, I got to see how the boy was different. He's as white as snow. Sometimes he leaves footprints, sometimes he doesn't. He can kill people or animals with just a wave of a hand and send anyone and anything flying against such a powerful and unseen force. He knows intimate things about people. He can peek into your head.

When a person, attempts to commit suicide, it means that that person is really in a bad situation. Suicide is a cry for help in terms of psychology. On the night the boy called, he admitted that he was commiting suicide. This is the reason why eventhough everyone claims and insists that the boy is dangerous, Dusty couldn't believe them. She sensed that the boy is in a desperate and painful situation. Apart from that she was convinced that he knew something about Josh, her brother who's been missing for two years. Since she's convinced of the boy's good side and his knowledge of Josh, she was determined to protect him from his numerous enemies, as well as the authorities.

This is one of the most wonderful books I've ever read. Why? Tim Bowler described the place really vividly. I haven't seen or experienced snow in my entire life. I live in a tropical country. But when I read his novel, it was as if I've experienced it. He presented a great mystery. One that was not fully explained. By now, you'd probably be thinking, why is it one of the most wonderful books I've ever read if I wasn't really able to understand what the mystery was. Well, the thing is I love this novel because the mystery remains a mystery. Not all things can be explained. There are a handful of things that can never be answered and this mystery is one of those things. I got to see what was it like to be the boy through Dusty's experience near the ending of the book. And to know what the experience of the mystery itself is a form of answer in a way.

Frozen Fire is an intense psychological thriller that will keep you asking for answers and will touch your heart with the pang of loss, sadness, aloneness, confusion and pain. But in the end, eventhough the ending of this story is quite sad, you will find hope for a fresh start. We can lose the people we love. And if that happens, there's nothing we can do but to accept it and move on. Moving on doesn't mean completely wiping out everything about the ones we lost. Moving on means keeping a part of them inside your heart and living life to the fullest.


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  1. Fantastic review. This sounds really gripping and thought-provoking. I don't think I've read anything by this author but I'm liking the sound of this one.