Monday, March 08, 2010

Writing: 500 Words a Day Challenge


This is obviously not book-related but posting here somehow felt like I'm making the stop official. So this is it: I've decided to temporarily stop participating in the 500 Words a Day Challenge.

The semester is coming to an end. Things are reaching their peaks. I'm too busy to write, as much as I hate, loathe,despise [put other hateful adjectives here] to admit it. Today is March 9. I only have a few more days before the semester ends on the 23rd - which means only a few more days to submit all the projects and requirements to my professors. It's hard enough to keep blogging, reading and minding school matters at the same time.

But then I'm happy that eventhough lately I don't get to write the draft of my novel, I still get to write short stories for my creative writing classes. And I'm a little surprised that eventhough I didn't intend to write about anything paranormal, it always goes that direction. In a creative writing homework, I wrote about a guy and a girl. Simple humans. And a few days later, I realized they weren't normal at all. At least, not the girl. She's a Cupid! It's as much fun as writing my draft.

Hopefully able to write soon. Scratch that.  Soonest ever.

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