Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

Book Description via Goodreads:

Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey—ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her.

Worse, Meghan's own fey powers have been cut off. She's stuck in Faery with only her wits for help. Trusting anyone would be foolish. Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly. But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can't help but hear the whispers of longing in her all-too-human heart.

Source: Netgalley & Won from Bewitched Bookworms

My Thoughts:

I thought that The Iron King was the best fey book ever written. I was so wrong. If The Iron King was great, The Iron Daughter was awesome!

Meghan was now a prisoner of Lady Mab. Doubt began to eat its way into her head, about the intentions of the Winter Prince, Ash. She experienced her first heartbreak. She felt alone, deceived and betrayed. It was hard to read about it but for some reason I also wanted to. This thing that affected Ash and Meghan’s ‘relationship’ was heartbreaking and saddening.

The love triangle in The Iron Daughter was really great. Three people were connected to each other because of different things – love, vengeance, devotion, passion, friendship and concern. There were different kinds of love – love that was against the Faery law, love that was always there and love that developed in hard times. I got to see a soft version of Ash. He was not really cold and hard after all. There was also a sweet version of Puck, minus the mischief. One Winter, one Summer. One risky, one safe. Both handsome and in love with Meghan.

With a war in the near future, Meghan and her team of lovers and friends ventured into the enemy’s territory to retrieve something vital in Nevernever and in the world. As always, action-packed, dangerous, kickass, romantic and beautifully written, The Iron Daughter excelled in entertainment, adventure and surprises. Again, this book like the first installment, felt like a journey. I encountered so many characters and read about lots of different places of wonder and peril. The Iron Fey held secrets and intentions that can destroy the Nevernever forever.

The ending was something that I will never ever forget. It was of passion, of freedom, of chances, of care, of choices, of love. It made me smile and ache at the same time for the characters. It was the grandest manifestation of love, tasted bittersweet with loss and gain. It was brave and reckless. I loved it!

The Iron Daughter is a dark, amazing and refreshing fey read. It is a pleasure that satisfies my hunger for paranormal romance. I recommend this to fans of paranormal romance and fey, and to those who want an adventure – this book is for you.



  1. I absolutely love this series, they are just so awesome! Great review, I agree about how it was nice to see a different side of Ash ;D

  2. Glad to hear it was so good! I did it backwards...I read The Iron Queen first and now I'm going back to read the first 2 books. Can't wait to read them and see how the events unfold that lead to the 3rd book! Great review!

    Jamie @ Bookerella

  3. What does fey mean? When you say this is the best fey novel you've ever read, I don't know what that means. This series is very popular in my library right now. Guess I'd better give it a try.

  4. Oh man. Damn you, Precious! You made this sound incredible, amazing... not good when I have little patience and a huge TBR pile!! I especially loved what you said about ending - wow. I need this book in my life. Brilliant review!

  5. @Bella thank you! I love this series too! :) As of now, it's one of my favorite series ever!

    @Jamie Wow! I'm your opposite! I'm dying to read The Iron Queen!

    @Anne When I say this is the best fey novel ever, I mean this is the best faery novel ever. :) Fey is another word for faery.

    @Brodie Oh my gosh! You have to read it! You have to!! :) And yes, you need this book in your in...right now!

  6. I LOVE this series. I agree that it's refreshing:) Team Ash!