Friday, April 27, 2012

Covers to Love + Trailers to Watch

Covers to Love. I have three covers. Just discovered the two today.
First is…Falling for You by Lisa Schroeder.

Initial Reaction: Smoking hot, romantic YA! I like the whole kissing in the rain concept. The look on the guy's face is just so...gentle (which is the opposite of what I imagine him to be after reading the synopsis.) I miss reading contemp love stories! That makes me even more excited for this.
FALLING FOR YOU, about a teen girl who relives the love of a dangerous boy, and unravels the secrets that haunt her family, as she hovers between life and death, searching for light amid the darkness--and a reason to hold on.

Next is the perfect book for hardcore Julie Kagawa fans aka people who would love to get their hands on a paperback compilation of all the novellas of The Iron Fey Series. The Iron Legends by Julie Kagawa.

Intial Reaction: Where did Ash and Puck from the front cover and back cover of The Iron Knight go??? And where did Meghan go??? It would have been better if the models from the previous covers appeared in this cover. But I still like the swirly font and curves.

Last up is Keeper of The Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. It’s MG Fantasy – the perfect, fun, light, exciting read for everyone.

Initial Reaction: OMG, I want this. After reading the synopsis (below,) I knew I just had to!

Twelve-year-old Sophie Foster has a secret. She's a Telepath--someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her. It's a talent she's never known how to explain.

Everything changes the day she meets Fitz, a mysterious boy who appears out of nowhere and also reads minds. She discovers there's a place she does belong, and that staying with her family will place her in grave danger. In the blink of an eye, Sophie is forced to leave behind everything and start a new life in a place that is vastly different from anything she has ever known.

Sophie has new rules to learn and new skills to master, and not everyone is thrilled that she has come “home.” There are secrets buried deep in Sophie's memory—secrets about who she really is and why she was hidden among humans—that other people desperately want. Would even kill for.

In this page-turning debut, Shannon Messenger creates a riveting story where one girl must figure out why she is the key to her brand-new world, before the wrong person finds the answer first.

Well,’s just ONE trailer. It’s for Winter’s Light by M.J. Hearle, the sequel to Winter’s Shadow, is coming out on May 1, 2012. This belongs to a paranormal romance series.

Blake is gone.

He sacrificed himself to save Winter, leaving her alone, unprotected... hunted.

An ancient enemy is rising, but Winter is no longer the innocent girl who was fated to die at Pilgrim's Lament. She will not wait to be saved. She will do what she must to survive, even accept an unsavoury alliance with those who destroyed her love.

In the gathering darkness, the enemy of an enemy is not always a friend, and Winter must find the strength to stand alone and fight for the one she loves. For she is the key to unlocking the secrets beyond the veil of shadows.

And she is Blake's only hope

Here’s a teaser trailer:


  1. Aw, thank you for featuring KEEPER! So glad you love the cover as much as I do! (And these other covers are amazing too! So excited for FALLING FOR YOU!)

  2. Great covers! I absolutely love the Falling for You cover!! :)

  3. Falling For You looks amazing! I'm definitely going to have to look into that book! :)

  4. The trailer is one of the best I have seen yet! The music and the visual are perfect. Who wouldn't want to read these books after seeing this! As soon as I refill my book budget, I will be grabbing these and reviewing them. Very excited! Thanks so much.
    laura thomas

  5. The Iron Legends cover models are different? but I thought they were the same? I'm not really sure but I re watched this The Iron Knight Behind the Scene covers shoot and I think it's still them? Though I think Meghan is different?

    We Fancy Books

  6. Not gonna lie, the models for the Fae series look er, different. Way different. Wow.

  7. I love Keeper's cover and can't wait to read it as well!!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake