Thursday, April 05, 2012

Growing Pains Blog Tour: Who Should Read Growing Pains and Why

Today I’m supposed to review Growing Pains but I just found out (my email is so mean, putting messages to my spam folder *shakes fist*)

But instead of reviewing, I’ll just make a simple post on WHO should read this and WHY.

1. People who like stories about finding oneself - Kendra is in the middle of growing up. She’s in that middle phase, struggling to find out who she really is and who she should be.

2. People who read contemporary novels- I know most contemporary novels revolve around romance and heavy, emotional stuff but there are also light, fun ones. I think this novel leans to the light side, with a few issues thrown in for the character to deal with.

3. People who are reflecting about the future and the past – the author mentioned in Goodreads that Growing Pains might just be the perfect read for those people, probably because the story lets the readers  see the full of process of the change, of struggling and coming to terms with the things that happened and will happen to the character.

About the book:

Kendra Foster is just an ordinary girl trying to get through her growing pains. Join her for her eight grade year and the struggles she goes through such as her parents fighting, cheerleading tryouts, friendship ups and downs, first crushes, etc. Growing pains is a fun look at life and its ups and downs, its bumps and its bruises. But with perseverance, determination, and faith you can be all you were born to be.

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Tour Schedule:

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Thanks to Stormi for organizing the tour!



  1. Thanks for putting the feature up and I hope you get to review it soon.

  2. I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds really fun! I love contemporary so I think I should add this to my TBR.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post, Precious! ♥