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Die For Me Read-a-Long: Discussion Post # 2

As part of the Die For Me Read-a-long hosted by Revenants Central, I’m posting my answers for the second Discussion Post.


  • In this chapter, Vincent takes Kate out on a “non-date”. They visited the Eglise Saint-Paul, a church in Lyon, France. She tells him about her childhood, back when she used to play with her friend in the church. Is there a significant place in your life? A place where you can be carefree and elated? Kate has always had an active imagination and was always curious with the ways of the world. Have you ever found yourself wondering how things started out or daydreaming about different things? Vincent then compliments Kate after proving that not only is she pretty but witty as well. Has anyone ever complimented you in any way? How did you feel? He then takes her to a series of Parisian-styled apartments, and he tells her about the art galleries and antiques shops that lined the streets knowing that she would enjoy it. Has anyone ever taken you to a place because they knew you’d like it there? Kate and Vincent started to browse the shops and paused at an antique clothes shop. Vincent asks Kate about the kind of jewelry girls her age liked because he was going to purchase something for a female friend. Kate couldn’t help but feel sad knowing that he had a special someone in his life. Do you think Kate should’ve been jealous? Should she have asked Vincent before jumping into conclusions?
I think one of the most significant places in my life is my alma mater, University of the Philippines. It’s more than just a university for me. I can be carefree there and being in the campus gives me a sense of peace and excitement. It’s definitely different from all the other schools I’ve been to. My boyfriend compliments me all the time – even before when we weren’t a couple. Of course, it made me feel happy. Sometimes I was surprised. I think it was way too early for Kate to voice out her jealousy and her suspicions.


  • As Kate tries to understand what Vincent tells her, Vincent starts to act suspiciously and quickly takes her away. Kate starts to feel confused and alarmed as to why he would act in such a way. If you ever faced a situation similar to this, would you immediately follow or stop and ask questions? Do you think Kate made the right decision following him when she was unsure of what was happening?  Vincent then proceeds to take her to Jules’ studio to keep her away from whatever he was trying to avoid. Jules and Vincent then proceed to have a heated discussion regarding the matter while Kate tries to eavesdrop on them. As their conversation ends, Vincent offers to take Kate home but she declines knowing that she had to figure out what was happening. If someone was hiding something from you, would you be outright and call them out on it or keep it to yourself and wait for them to tell you when they’re ready? Or are you going to do what Kate did and follow them to find what you’re looking for? Would you be like her and take the risk or leave it be? As she she’s Vincent and Jules at the Metro station, she also catches a man jumping from the platform to the train tracks below knowing he was going to get hit. She screams and Vincent goes to soothe her as Jules runs to jump off the platform as well to save the man. If you were to witness something like this, how would you react? Why do you think Jules took the dive knowing there was a bug possibility of him dying in the process?
I’ll follow but I’ll ask questions while I’m following him. I think it was unwise but really, what could she do? Taking off would be rude. I think it depends on the situation. If I’m really, really  curious about the situation and I feel that the person won’t tell me about it – I will find out about it on my own. But if it’s a sensitive case, if the person requested that I stay out of it until he/she is ready, then I’ll wait for him/her. I would probably freak out if I saw something like that. I might scream or keep my mouth shut while my mind is trying to process it all. I think Jules is sacrificing his life for an unknown reason.


  • Kate goes into shock after witnessing the accident and Vincent tries to calm her down. Vincent then takes her to his home. As Kate sees Vincent’s “house” she couldn’t help but feel astounded. Vincent lived not in a house but in a hotel. Kate looks around the place in awe and sees a granite fountain of an angel carrying a sleeping woman in his arms. If you were to witness a place this glorious, would you think it was too much or would you just bask in its beauty? As he takes her inside and offers her tea, Kate couldn’t help but feel exasperated seeing Vincent so calm after just witnessing his friend’s death. Do you think Vincent knows more than he’s letting on? That he’s hiding a big secret from Kate?
I’d bask in its beauty but I’d think why it was there, the reason behind it and who made it. Yes, I think that Vincent knows more than he’s letting on. He’s hiding something big – something crucial. No one could ever act that calm after the death of a friend.


  • A few weeks have passed and Kate is still plagued with the images of the accident. She tries to push thoughts of Vincent far into the corners of her mind. Her sister, Georgia, notices this asks her about it. Have you ever been in the position where you wanted to tell something to someone you can trust but just couldn’t bring yourself to? Kate then goes to school and start on a project. She goes to the library to do some research and read some old newspaper articles. Imagine her surprise when she sees someone very familiar who died in a fire long ago. Who do you think Kate saw?
I’ve never been in that situation. For as long as I could remember, I always had someone to talk to. I think she saw Vincent. ;)


  • At the start of the chapter, Kate goes to Vincent’s home to demand answers from him but meets a mysterious person instead. The man tells Kate the Vincent is unavailable at the moment and suggests that she write a letter for him instead. The man offers her tea that the cook, Jeanne, made. As Kate waits for the tea, she starts to compose her message asking Vincent to explain what was happening. She starts to look for Jeanne and stumbles upon a bedroom and sees figure lying on the bed. What she sees drags her further the unknown world that Vincent has taken her to. What do you think Kate saw on the bed? And where do you think Vincent is?
I think Kate saw Vincent. I think he’s in the house although he might not be in a position to explain and answer all the questions that are bombarding Kate.

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