Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dystopian Domination Schedule + Buttons!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been posting less and less. This week is just very hectic for me. Whoever thought summer classes were this intense?? But don’t worry…I have something to announce: Dystopian Domination starts tomorrow!

What: Dystopian Domination, a blog event dedicated to dystopia hosted by yours truly from Fragments of Life and Kai from Amaterasu Reads!

When: May 12-28, 2011

Here’s the schedule:

May 12
May 13
May 14
May 15
May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20
May 21
May 22
May 23
May 24
May 25
May 26
Guest Post by Ilsa Bick + Giveaway of Pre-order of Ashes from the Book Depository
May 27
May 28

May 29
Character Interview + Giveaway of Solstice

Prize Pack Giveaway: Signed Legend ARC, Exodus and Zenith


  1. How fun!! Can't wait to read the posts :)

  2. Wow, first time I hear about this but it sounds AMAZING!!

  3. Wow, that sounds fantastic, really looking forward to that and I already put your banner up :)

    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  4. Wow! This is SO exciting!! Going to grab a button! :)

  5. WOW, this is such a cool event your hosting. I can't wait to come back each day to see what you have going on!

  6. Tomorrow?? YAY!!! I am SO looking forward to this! Extremely jealous you girls got your hands on so many super hot books (LIKE LEGEND!), I can't wait for the reviews and posts and of course, giveaways! Kai did a fantastic job on the banners! I added to my sidebar :)

  7. I've just recently gotten into reading dystopian lit and now I've been reading every single book I can get my grubby hands on! Thanks soooo much for hosting it! I will definitely be a total stalker now... :)

  8. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't read a dystopian yet, but plan to change that soon :-)

  9. HI Precious! Thanks for the link :)
    isamlq here :)