Thursday, February 03, 2011

Contest Update & Blog Update!

Okay guys and girls! It’s time for a contest update and a general blog update.

#1: Me and Kai are currently counting all of the entries for the Christmas Countdown Huge Prize pack Giveaway. It’s fun to read everything you’ve said but I think it will take quite some time to count everything since I have school and I have a big report on archaeology to prepare for (it’s about the transition to agriculture and linearbandkeramik) and then Kai has work. Honestly, I have no idea how she manages to keep up with all the blog stuff. If I think about it, she’s doing more stuff than I am and yet she has more time! How did that happen?? Anyway, so please be patient with us!

#2: I finished reading Where I Belong by Gwen Heasley for my upcoming event – Romance in YA! It starts this Sunday with a guest post by Alexandra Monir and a little something from her. Stick around if you want to know what it is! I’ll be posting the complete event schedule sometime this weekend.

#3: What I’m Reading:

Cryer’s Cross by Lisa Mcmann – halfway through! Hopefully I’ll finish this weekend. Review coming soon – as soon as I finish it!
Troy High by Shana Norris – almost done. Review coming soon!

#4: I know I’ve been slacking lately but it was only because I had two major exams on two consecutive days. It doesn’t help that I have to do research everyday for daily debates. You forgive me, yes? Don’t worry! I have prepared well for February! And this week is a very good mail week for me, so there are reviews coming up. More reviews. The TBR is piling up again and I’m quickening my reading pace!

It’s a Thursday night and tomorrow is the last day of school for the week! I hope you all have a good weekend! I’ll be going on a date tomorrow and I’ll be back in the blogosphere on Friday night or Saturday with a post for you! 


  1. *pats* you don't want to know how I do it. My schedule is killing me. I barely get 5 hours of sleep on weekdays and I spend the weekends reading. :)

    You have an awesome mail week! I am so jealous of the books you got. LOL *waves*

  2. I understand the hectic schedule n all the prep that goes in to class work Precious . Have fun. Waiting for your reviews :)

  3. Hi Precious! I came by to let you know I'm passing on the "Stylish Blogger" award. You can find out what's involved by visiting The Bookish Snob