Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday in YA (Bookish News)

Hi everyone! I’ve gathered lots of YA-related news this week from authors and bloggers. So…I’m calling this post “Saturday in YA.” It seems fitting. 

1. First of all, there were lots of cover reveals these past few days. Some of my favorites are:

Wood Angel by Erin Bow (I really wanted to read this!) & The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (My blogger friends are raving about this. It's my turn.)
Girls lying in the grass.

Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez & Supernaturally by Kiersten White (I was amazed with Paranormalcy! I can't wait to devour the next installment.)
Hair dancing in the wind. More or less.

Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison (When I found out this was a retelling of a German story about a witch and king, I couldn't resist. I added it to my wishlist right away.)
Most romantic cover for 2011 (so far!)

2. And then…months ago, when I’ve just started blogging…I met Kate Evangelista. She’s a Filipina and she’s an aspiring YA author back then. As of now, her agent is working hard to sell her novel, TASTE – formerly Lunar Heat (when I was beta-ing her novel.) For paranormal romance fans out there, I think you’ll like her mythology.

She created a Facebook Page for Taste where you can find the latest updates about Kate and Taste!

3. In celebration of the paperback release of Invisible I (Book 1) of The Amanda Project, The Amanda Project by Melissa Kantor is now available in Wattpad! Read it for free on your phone.

Mysterious, charismatic, and one of a kind—the only way to find Amanda is to think like Amanda.
When enigmatic freshman Amanda Valentino arrived at Endeavor High, she chose three people—Callie, Hal, and Nia—to guide her through the choppy waters of her new school. Except she didn't tell them about each other. When Amanda leaves, the three must reluctantly work together to figure out why. But once they start piecing together the cryptic clues that Amanda herself is leaving for them, they realize that everything they thought they knew about her is false. The more they dig, the mystery of where—and who—Amanda is deepens.

4. Some Disney-Hyperion upcoming releases are now available in Netgalley, such as Mercy by Rebecca Lim, The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Leavitt, and Girl Wonder by Alexa Martin. Thanks to Kai for telling me about this about…5 seconds after the egalleys were available!

5. Lastly, Ednah Walters just posted the trailer of the sequel of Awakened in the Guardian Legacy Series – Betrayed. For those of you who are into angels, demons and Nephilim and who like heroines who kick ass, try this series!


  1. Precious, thank you! You made my day! I also finally took the plunge and opened a Twitter Account at for anyone interested. :-)

  2. Thank you for all the information! Isn't the Tris & Izzie cover just to die for!

  3. Great info, thanks! I just got The Goddess Test through NetGalley and I can't wait to read it, looks really good!

    Jamie @ Bookerella

  4. Wow, Precious. I think... I think..... *monitors temperature* yep, I'm certain I'm going to explode from lusting! Dying to read Supernaturally and Tris and Izzie. Haven't heard of Wood Angel but I'm now super intrigued!

    Aw, I love how you're so supporting of aspiring Filipino authors <3 I wish Kate all the best success in her writing!

  5. Thanks for dropping by! I like the sound of the Amanda Project, the description is mysterious and makes me want to know more...

  6. What? I didn't know Kate is Filipina! Wow! Definitely supporting her from now on. And wow, I am so falling in love with the cover for Wood Angel. It's so much better than the Plain Kate cover (and title, which was what it was named originally)! How do you access Wattpad anyway? Haha. Awesome news, Precious!

  7. I'll definitely add Wood Angel on my coverlust nest week. You are so right about Tris and Izzie cover as "Most romantic cover for 2011" :>

    @Kai: I think Kate is from Cavite ;)

  8. @Kate You're welcome! Oh! I'll add you in Twitter! ;)

    @Alice I agree! The story behind it too, is to die for!

    @Jamie I hope you love it! :) My friends have been raving about it!

    @Brodie Lol! Supernaturally! :) Of course, we want more Lend and...Lend and Evie!
    I think you'll like Kate's book! :) I know your taste. ;)

    @Kai You just become a member! Then you could access it from your PC or from your phone! There are compatible programs for that!

    @Mia Can't wait for next Coverlust!