Thursday, February 17, 2011

RiYA: Last Interview: Actual YA Relationships

Okay. This is the last of the collective interviews for RiYA. It’s almost over!
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What kind of relationship do your characters have?

To those of you who want to read Rival, a contemporary debut novel, here's a little something...

Sara Bennett Wealer said: One of my characters, Kathryn, has a best friend, Matt, who's probably in love with her, but they've been friends for so long that it's not clear whether they could be more. Kathryn's more intrigued by John, who's just as much of a stand-up guy as Matt is, but not as familiar. I know who I put Kathryn with at the end of the book, but I'm not sure who she'd end up with in a couple of years!

Cheryl Herbsman said: In Breathing, Savannah and Jackson are initially attracted to each other without really knowing one another yet. But as their friendship deepens and they fall in love, they come to care deeply about each other’s lives and hopes and dreams. They are the kind of teen romance that just might last.

Jennifer Hubbard said: I should say up front that it isn't ideal! The Secret Year revolves around a secret relationship that ends in sudden tragedy, and it explores the effect that relationship had on the people involved. Why was secrecy so appealing? What did they get from this relationship, and what did it cost them? They had a very strong attraction that, in many ways, led to their making less than ideal choices.

Shelena Shorts said: The characters in The Pace have a balancing relationship. They complement each other's weaknesses to point where they need each other, but in a healthy way. 

Angela Morrison said: I try to give them the ideal I described above. It's up to my readers to say if I've succeeded. With Michael and Leesie, from TAKEN BY STORM, it's taken three books to get them there! My publisher didn't want to stick it out through all three books, but my readers did. So you can now read Book 2, UNBROKEN CONNECTION, that I released as an ebook for the Kindle and a paperback via Amazon. Book 3, CAYMAN SUMMER is on it's way, but you don't have to wait. As soon as you finish UNBROKEN CONNECTION, surf over to and follow Michael and Leesie's final journey from first rough draft poem to final polished dive log. I'm blogging it as I write it, and it's been the most intense creative experience I've ever had. 

Cat Clarke said: I think my characters have a fairly normal relationship, all things considered. It's pretty passionate in the early stages, sometimes sweet and romantic... until things get a little bumpy, of course.

Kim Culbertson said: As I mentioned above, I think it really depends on the two characters.  In Instructions for a Broken Heart, my new novel out in May, the main character is trying to survive a difficult break up.  On a class trip to Italy.  With her ex and his new girlfriend there.  Yikes.  It’s a challenge for her emotionally and her pride has been wounded.  Most importantly, though, she’s realizing that she will never have another relationship like the one she had with him because she’s not with him anymore.  No relationship can ever be repeated.  Relationships are like snowflakes.  No two alike.

This is the last of them! I hope you all learned a little something from all the author interviews - collective and individual.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully, I can post more. It's a good thing that I always have a long weekend. I need to finish Darkness Becomes Her! 

So that's it for now. Have a nice day!


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  2. I loved reading these answers, they've made me even more eager to read each author's novels to see how the relationships develop. I love how there are so many different and unique bonds between love interests in YA books... no two are the same because no two characters are the same. I love me some romance <3