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RiYA: Ideal YA Couple Relationship + Giveaway of The Pace by Shelena Shorts (signed)

 For you, what is the ideal YA couple relationship?
Shelena Shorts said: That's tough. Young love is so exciting and intense. For me, the ideal YA relationship would be one that is genuine. As long as people always have the best intentions, you can't go wrong.

Angela Morrison said: In real life, teen relationships should be short-lived and experimental. You learn a lot about yourself and the type of guy or girl you like or loathe. And then you move on and try something else, until you find the perfect combination. But that would never work in a YA novel. The stakes have got to be high in fiction or the reader throws the book down and picks up the next novel on the her/his TBR stack. Life and death. Broken hearts. True love. I like to journey with characters who've stumbled on the perfect combination and fall deeply in love, but for whatever reason, that love is thwarted and they have to fight to be with the guy or girl that makes their hearts whole and, sometimes, learn to struggle on without them.

Cheryl Herbsman said: To me, the ideal YA relationship is one that is real, in which the two people really love and care for one another and help each other grow. Romance and hotness are definite pluses :)

Gwendolyn Heasley said: I think the ideal YA couple relationship is one that isn't all consuming. Of course, I understand that love (especially first loves) feel all consuming and overwhelming, but I think it's so important to balance love with the rest of your life.  Corrinne in WHERE I BELONG struggles with letting her boy crazy tendencies jeopardize other parts of her life, but I am proud of how she starts to figure out a balance. I am not trying to sound like anyone's parent though! I think this is good advice for everyone including people my age!  There's a lot of time in your life to fall in love
and out of love---remember to enjoy the other parts of high school too... Remember: you can always live vicariously through love in books too! We all don't have to date a vampire- we can just read about it.

Jennifer Hubbard said: The ideal relationship would be two people who are self-aware and emotionally healthy. They understand themselves and their own needs. They start a relationship because they genuinely like each other, have fun together, and have a mutual attraction. Their relationship is honest and fun and enriching; they support each other's dreams and goals. They help each other be stronger.

Sara Bennett Wealer said: I like to see a relationship where both people truly respect and enjoy each other. Everybody deserves someone who brings out their very best selves.

Cat Clarke said: I like to see a realistic relationship - where the guy isn't aggressive and/or stalkerish towards the girl because he's secretly a vampire/angel/yeti. Sure, those kinds of relationships can be fun to read about, but I usually prefer to read about  something real, or at least something that COULD be real. Also, I'm not a huge fan of love at first sight in YA novels. I like  a bit of build-up to heighten the anticipation!

Kim Culbertson said: For me, I want to see an authentic telling of a specific, individual relationship so each relationship is going to be totally different based on the two characters involved in it.  In my first novel, Songs for a Teenage Nomad, I had readers write me and say “the relationship with Calle and Sam really bugged me.  He didn’t deserve her.”  I agree with them – in so many ways he didn’t.  But she still loved him, was drawn to him, and I think learned a great deal from loving him.  I teach high school and I see so many of my students choosing relationships for wrong reasons but I don’t blame them.  My own high school relationship was heavily flawed but it didn’t mean I wasn’t in love; it didn’t mean I didn’t learn from that relationship.  So I think, when reading YA, I want to see a believable relationship between two people who are wrestling with the difficulty, and beauty, of loving each other.

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  1. I like a realistic relationship in YA books - built with respect and a bit of fun (they're youngsters after all) too!

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  2. I like books with a couple that are mostly realistic and that I can relate to and feel emotionally attached to. If I don't like them, why would I carry on reading about them? I also like them to have other things in their lives (such as a hobby) other than each other because it becomes boring.


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  3. My ideal YA relationship? one based on trust and honesty. Too many are so frustrating because of one detail that the girl/guy wont reveal to the other and it ruins everything.


  4. I personally love relationships that began as friendships. It always makes the relationship seem that much more stronger. Plus, to have a great relationship you do have to be each others friend.

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  5. Relationships that build over time instead of the Romeo and Juliet love at first sight.

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  6. I like to read about realistic relationships in YA regardless of whether the character knows the person or it is a stranger (doesn't matter the genre of YA either, it still applies). If the relationship seems ridiculous or creepy I tend to lose interest.

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  7. Oops I put the wrong Twitter link. Here is the correct one (!/arick01/status/35078603708301312)

  8. l actually agree with you Birgit.
    l like it when they take some time to build and they aren't to unrealistic! Really ruins it for me.

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  9. GFC follower (Lexie@BookBug)
    My ideal YA couple relationship is one that is not so interdependent that they can't live without each other for 2 seconds. That is just not realistic.
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  10. I love all these answers from authors! And I agree with so many of them. My ideal YA relationship is a realistic one. I prefer it when we SEE and FEEL these growing feelings develop, rather than -bam- they meet and two days later declare their love. I want to see relationships with fighting and making up and the tensions along the way, but still believing in that deep bond that will bring them together in the end.

    By the way, love the giveaway! I can't wait to read The Pace!!

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  11. I love a bit of love at first sight. It's perfect for me when it's all a wirlwind! But I do also love it when it's built up over time and we get to see and feel it happen. I think I prefer that really.


  12. I love relationship between two equally strong characters. I don't really like weak and whining girls who need to be protected by some kind of big strong macho. Not that I don't like overprotective males, they are actually sweet, but I just hate pathetic heroines who needs to be constantly taken care of.

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    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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  13. My ideal YA couple relationship is to be truly loves each other, there must be respect for each other and helping each other in difficult times.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!
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  14. I've always had a thing for books/movies/stories in which the main characters start of disliking each other and then grow to respect each other before becoming involved in a relationship. I think they are fascinating to read and I love the build up!

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  15. I love couples in contemporary fiction that are strong individually but make each other better versions of themselves.

  16. I usually like a realistic relationship in YA books. One built in friendship, where the reader can experience with them those growing feelings, maybe fears & confusion & all the fun of the youth too! I like when the leading couple have strong personalities to match with that ^^


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  17. Ideal YA relationship involves normal people (not a huge PN RM fan) who KNOW each other WELL before falling in love. I am SO tired of this, Gasp! I know I met you 2 minutes ago, but I'm so in love with you, I just don't think I could live without you, stuff. :)

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  18. The realationship must be realistic, falling head over heels in love at first sight is a big no-no! And the characters must be likeable :)


  19. I'm a follower.
    My ideal YA relationship is one in which the partners respect each other and treat each other as equals. They have to be there for each other and connect, sometimes just know what the other one feels and if they don't at least try to. An example would be Sam and Grace from Shiver.


  20. Relationship that take time to build. i dont believe much with love at first sight.

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  21. My ideal YA couple relationship is one formed from mutual respect and is realistic through its stages. I also like it when the characters act their respective ages and not as if they were middle aged adults.
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  22. I like YA couples in wich there's a bad guy involved - you know, that misterious, gorgeous, a little bit sarcastic guy. Yes, nothing very original, I know hahaha

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  23. An ideal YA relationship is one based on respect and sincerity. Plus, you have to really know the other person, otherwise it's not a relationship but something like an attraction.

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  24. I would say my ideal YA couple would have fun and be adventurous.They are still young so they should act it.
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  25. My ideal YA couple is one that grew up together, pulling tricks on each other and hating each other and have now discovered that they are madly in love.!/alterlisa/status/41323987606831104

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  26. I like reading about all different types of relationships, so I can't pick just one. I just want the characters to be relatable and realistic.

    I'm a GFC follower. Thanks so much!

  27. I personally love couples that hate each other in the beginning. I just love to read the tension between them and dialogues that are often sarcastic are my favourite ones. And when they are 'there' it's really amazing to read that.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! :)
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