Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: The Cupid War & The Pull of Gravity

The Cupid War by Timothy Carter
Publication Date: August 8, 2011
Published by Flux

Dark entities known as Suicides attack the living, causing depression in people and feeding on their negative emotions. Their enemies are the Cupids, who make people fall in love. My main character, Ricky Fallon, becomes a Cupid after his death, and learns that he’d been the victim of a Suicide during his life. He is assigned to a high school, where he must bring couples together while protecting them from Suicide attacks. I wanted to suggest a supernatural cause for mood disorders, the way I suggested in EVIL? that Fallen Angels were responsible for religious fanaticism. That way, I could turn depression into an enemy that can be fought and beaten.

Why I Chose This:

I love the concept of this novel! Suicides and Cupids? I have searched for novels about Cupids a year ago and came up with found only one: Stupid Cupid. I was looking for something paranormal. And this – The Cupid War – is exactly what I was hoping to find! Plus, there are fallen angels here. What more can I ask for?

The Pull of Gravity by Gae Polisner
Publication Date: May 10, 2011
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

While Nick Gardner’s family is falling apart, his best friend, Scooter, is dying from a freak disease. The Scoot’s final wish is that Nick and their quirky classmate, Jaycee Amato, deliver a prized first-edition copy of Of Mice and Men to the Scoot’s father. There’s just one problem: the Scoot’s father walked out years ago and hasn’t been heard from since. So, guided by Steinbeck’s life lessons, and with only the vaguest of plans, Nick and Jaycee set off to find him.

Characters you’ll want to become friends with and a narrative voice that sparkles with wit make this a truly original coming-of-age story.

Why I Chose This:
This sounds like a good novel that explores family dynamics especially during hard times. I think I would enjoy this. Another contemporary novel to add in out TBR and for our Debut Author Challenge list! People said that this is a cute and sweet story – with 4/5 and 5/5 ratings! Of course, that made me more excited to read this.

What’s your Waiting on Wednesday pick? Share please!


  1. These both sound really good! Great picks this week:)

  2. I have Pull of Gravity on my list but hadn't heard of The Cupid War, I will be adding that one as well. Great picks!

  3. Oh wow! I love the premise of The Cupid War! It's so original! Great pick!

  4. I don't think my last comment posted. Wow -- I love the premise of The Cupid Wars! So original!

  5. so nice to see TPoG show up on another WoW list! Thank you. :)

    I hope you love Nick, the Scoot & Jaycee. Just a few more months!


  6. Wow, The Cupid War sounds awesome! Such a cool concept. I love the idea and it's very original. A fresh idea to the YA scene. The Pull of Gravity sounds great too and with high ratings to boot - love the picks this week, Precious!

  7. Great picks!

    I'm also looking forward to The Pull of Gravity! Gae is a fellow member of The Class of 2K11 and advance reviews have been great!!

    Also on my list: I'm lucky enough to have an ARC of Carrie Harris's BAD TASTE IN BOYS. Who knew zombies could be so much fun. :-)

  8. The Pull of Gravity sounds good! I love novels that are full of life lessons.