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RiYA: Sweet and Clean or Sexy and Passionate? Giveaway of a Signed Paperback of The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

Hi guys! It’s time for another collective interview as authors voice out their thoughts about the type of romance that they want to see in YA. Stick around for a giveaway!

What kind of romance do you like to see in YA? Clean and Sweet or Sexy and Passionate? Why?

Jennifer Hubbard said: I like all kinds in books, because that's they way life is. I prefer books that address the complexity and the not-always-perfect side of romance, although once in a while I like a fun, lighthearted romance.

Cheryl Herbsman said: Honestly, I like to see every kind of romance in YA. I think there’s room for them all. And since all of them exist in the real world, I love that YA can mirror all those different kinds of relationships that actual teens are experiencing.

Kim Culbertson said: Oh, I want to see all of it.  Because relationships have all of it.  Clean and sweet – absolutely.  Sexy.  Absolutely – though I think sexy is in the eye of the beholder.  I think it’s sexy when my husband does the laundry.  Passionate – I think most YA novels are just full of passion, of life and emotion.  That’s why I love reading and writing YA.  It’s a time of life when the feelings are so large and things matter so much.

Cat Clarke said: It depends on the book. Sometimes clean and sweet is exactly right for the characters and the story, and sometimes you NEED it to be sexy and passionate. I think there's plenty of room in the market for both kinds of romance... but I must admit, I have a penchant for sexy and passionate. As long as it's not too icky.

Shelena Shorts said: Clean and Sweet because it usually lasts longer that way!

Angela Morrison said: I admire writers who can write clean, sweet romance that doesn't make readers gag. I love to read those books. I wish I was better at writing them, but I have a weakness for writing steamy kissing scenes. I write about older teens, so sex becomes an issue. I think I fall in the middle of the continuum. My novels are all first person and intimate, so the passionate feelings, whether they are acted on or not, need to be there. I try to portray those passions honestly and realistically, without crossing the line into what I consider is explicit. My characters are only naked in the shower. I don't describe private body parts. And if they do have sex, it's not on screen. The curtain falls. It's not easy to do, but for me it's a moral issue. Plus, I want my readers to know that when they pick up a book with my name on the cover, they are safe. It'll be realistic, the kissing scenes will be fantastic, and the story won't talk down to them, but they won't turn the page and find they are reading soft porn. Porn is addictive, dangerous, and destroys healthy sexuality. Readers are bombarded with porn, or something very close to it, on TV, in music, in advertising, at the movies, and in a lot of YA. They don't need it in my books. What they will find is an honest discussion and characters with differing view points, beliefs, and motivations. And all those creative kissing scenes.

Sara Bennett Wealer said: I think you can have both! To me, sweetness is sexy. When someone knows you well and treats you well and makes you feel loved and valued, it's easy to be passionate about them!

Conclusion: Both sweet and clean and sexy and passionate but it depends on the story and the characters. It’s also good to use the type of romance that can really show the complex side of the relationship.

Giveaway: Signed Paperback Copy of The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

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  1. I like both...But as long as they're realistic. I don't enjoy either when the characters and their actions/ emotions don't seem to match up with way that actual people would act or react. Keep it real and there's room for both!

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  2. I like them both in YA fiction but I prefer not to read explicit sex scenes. That is one of the reasons I prefer YA over adult books, because I usually don't have to worry about that.
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  3. type of romance i like would be sexy and passionate, because its always better that way! :D

  4. I agree with both. I don't want to put a staple on romance. I'll take any I can get, only if it's realistic. If I can get drawn into any romance, I'm happy. All romance is great. We need more in our lives.

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  5. For me it just depends on the book itself. It's nice to read a book, especially a romance, that doesn't feel the need to be overly graphic but I don't mind some steaminess now and then!

  6. I also like both :) sometimes I like sweet romances and other times I like sexy romances, it depends on my mood. I like the sweet romances because they're so emotional and they're very easy to relate to and lose yourself in. I like sexy and passionate romances because they're exciting and you can lose yourself in them too. It's also nice when the two collide and you get a mix of sweet and sexy :D


  7. I like clean and sweet. When love is pure and real, not just a physical thing.
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  8. i like both. it needs to start out sweet and clean---that's how you establish a mature honest relationship! then it can get passionate and sexy. =]

  9. I think I'd have to go with sexy and passionate. I just think its more fun and that it draws you in more.

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  11. I'd like to see all it of too. It adds certain flavor into the story :)

  12. I love my love stories both sweet and passionate, something that tugs at my heart! I think The Secret Year will be one great romance, I cannot wait to read it:) Thanks a lot for this contest!


  13. Clean and sweet

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  14. The type of romance I like is sexy and passionate. I like all the stages of the love story from the first glance, to the throes of passion, and of course the happily-ever after.

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  15. I'm a follower

    I like clean and sweet, since the emotional love in books seems deeper to me than sexual love :)

  16. Sexy and passionate is more my style as long as it's a honest relationship. They answer more of the "what ifs?" that I enjoy reading.
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  17. I like both, but I tend to read more sweet and clean. I love the tingly feeling I get when something sweet or romantic happens.

    I'm a GFC follower. Thanks so much!