Thursday, April 21, 2011

Winner of The Goddess Test (signed!)

So…remember that day when I interview the wonderful Aimee Carter? She also offered a signed finished copy of The Goddess Test, her debut, to one very, very lucky reader…right?

And today is April 21, 2011, the day after the deadline of the said awesome giveaway.

I would like to thank everyone who entered the contest! I know that I’ve gained a lot of followers since then *waves* and I promise guys and girls, that next month and maybe even June...there will be around 8 or so books up for grabs. Some are signed and some are pre-orders. Most are luscious debuts.

They are all DYSTOPIAN.

Are you sensing something here?

There will be another blog event in Fragments of Life in May and I will be co-hosting it will Kai of Amaterasu Reads.

It’s going to be called…Dystopian Domination. Just saying.

Anyhoo…the winner of the giveaway!

Out of 247 entries…the reader who will be happily waiting for her signed copy of The Goddess Test – one of my favorite debuts of 2011 – is…

Liz R.

Congratulations! I will email you later – when I have convinced my broadband to cooperate! :) Once I send the email, you have 48 hours to reply.



  1. Congrats to the winner!

    Yaay!! That blog event is sure going to be fun! I'm excited for it! :>

  2. Liz!! Congratulations!! You won't mind if I steal your copy will you? *grins* Hope you enjoy!

    I am so excited for your Dystopian Demolition! You know I'm drooling over all those hot titles.

    (sorry if this is a double comment, I honestly can't remember if I commented this morning or not!)