Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 11: Interview w/ Lisa Desrochers + Giveaway

So…I know it’s Day 12. I just woke up and I realized that I forgot to post an interview yesterday!

Lisa Desrochers is the author of Personal Demons, Original sin (2011) and Hellbent (2012).

What or who inspired you to write Personal Demons? Why?

I never would have written anything if it weren’t for my daughter. I wrote Personal Demons for her because she enjoyed other paranormal YA novels, so I wanted to write her something along those lines. The name Lucifer Cane popped into my head one day and I thought to myself, what a fun name for a demon. He started telling me a story and I took dictation. The rest flowed from there.

What lessons will readers pick up from your book?

The Barnes & Noble reviewer described it this way: “The profoundly deep questions raised in Personal Demons (about the existence of God, the inanity of organized religion, the healing power of forgiveness, etc.) make it a forceful read.”

Why do you write for teens?

I write for my daughter. My daughter is a teen. Ipso facto…

How do you prepare for Christmas?

Lately, I don’t. This Christmas as last, since I’ve started writing, we haven’t even had a tree. I know! Bah humbug! But, the truth is, we travel to family for Christmas, so we’re not home anyway. My Christmas preparation consists of buying plane tickets in June and shopping for gift certificates on line. Very festive. O_O

As an author/writer, are you doing something special this Christmas?
Not really. We’ll be in Atlanta with family, and my tour hasn’t taken me to Atlanta, so I’ll probably sign stock in a few stores there. 

Does your family have a Christmas tradition?

We switch off every other year with my husband’s or my families. This is my husband’s family’s year. They are French Canadian, so some traditions have carried through—mostly food related. After Christmas Eve mass, there are always meet pies, and in the turkey, instead of bread stuffing, there’s meet stuffing.

Do you take advantage of the Christmas vacation and write?

Yes. I’m hoping to have Hellbent (Personal Demons #3) finished by the end of the year, so I will definitely be writing.

As a writer, do you think it would be better to gift books for Christmas? why?
Have you ever done this before?

Of course! I think books are a wonderful gift for any occasion. What other gift could take the recipient on an adventure to somewhere they’ve never been before, then take them by surprise. I gift books all the time.

If you were to gift one book to any person, what book would it be?

Choosing one book is always hard, but right now I’d say, If I Stay, by Gayle Forman.


Tomorrow is Christmas Day which means it’s Prize Pack Giveaway Day. It includes a signed copy of Personal Demons + signed bookmarks and some tattoos that say Personal Demons with wings and stuff!

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  1. Sweet. I wanna have a mom who writes books for me! Haha. Happy Christmas!

    To Ms. Lisa Desrochers: Have a fun Christmas in Atlanta:)

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  5. Great interview!:) I think it's interesting that the whole story started with justthe name 'Lucifer Cane'.
    I didn't know the third one was going to be called Hellbent, but that's a great name.

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    Merry Christmas!


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    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

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