Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with a Bang Readathon: Day 2 and Day 3

I just woke up again. Do you know that feeling when your back hurts so much because of sleeping and every time you twisted, your sides hurt? That’s exactly what I feel now. Note-to-self: never ever sleep sideways again. Anyway, I downloaded galleys from Simon & Schuster’s Galley Grab and I realized there are only four days left before Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves and Choker by Elizabeth Woods “expire.” Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves was one of the first books I read and reviewed for Fragments of Life. I loved it! So…that explains why I’m speed reading now.

It’s New Year’s Eve later and there’s a possibility that I might not be able to use the laptop. New Year’s Eve in the Philippines is SO noisy. Honestly. Imagine you’re in a room and people outside the room are throwing small dynamites at the outer walls of that room. That’s how noisy it is. It’s part of our culture to shoo the bad things – bad luck, bad spirits – out of our lives. Well, it’s a tradition and I’m fascinated by how much noise our ears could take for it. :)

I’m currently reading and will read:

1.      Trickster’s Girl by Hilari Bell (I wasn’t able to finish it because…I switched to Slice of Cherry – which will vanish in four days.)

2.      Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves (I’m loving it! I really really like Dia’s stories.)

3.      Choker by Elizabeth Woods (Only four more days before this one vanishes too…so I’m grabbing the opportunity to read it. I’ve read lots of good reviews on this one, even 5 out of 5 ratings and all of that made me curious.)

4.      Awakened by Ednah Walters (if there’s still enough time for this, I’ll squeeze it in! Jennilee of Reading Lassie said that she loved Awakened! And Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries suggested that I read it (for the angels)) so it’s here, listed!

Like yesterday, I’m in need of coffee and sugar and chocolate this time before I start readathoning! I’ll check out some mini-challenges later too. So far, I just joined… one or two.

Happy New Year guys and girls! And! Don’t forget to enter my contest: The Other Side of Dark by Sarah Smith (signed)! It ends tomorrow and is open internationally!


  1. Ouch! Poor Precious! *gently hugs*. I always find it interesting reading how different culture's celebrate things. Although I do wonder how they'll be able to shoo away your deafness! LOL.

    Is Slice of Cherry a whole new novel or sequel to Bleeding Violet? I must look it up! Haha I'm glad you'll try squeeze in some hot heavenly action :D

  2. *hugs you back* aww, thanks! :) They don't shoo deafness, they bring it! Lol!

    Slice of Cherry is Portero book number two. But I don't think it's the sequel of Bleeding Violet. Different characters and it seems like it's a different time too! :D